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Built Environment

Streamlining your planning and building control processes with agile and secure case management software for the built environment

Streamlining your planning and building control
processes with agile and secure case management
software for the built environment

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Time saved on administrative tasks by customers using Idox’s Built Environment software
UK local authorities who trust Idox software for Building Control
UK local authorities who trust Idox software for Planning

Smart development management software for efficient case and application management

Our innovative case management software transforms planning, building control, land charges and estates management driving efficient digital government and leaving outdated legacy systems behind.

We invest in the latest technology for all areas related to the built environment – and our deep domain expertise in this area informs everything we do. We have worked with local government for over 30 years and many ex-government staff now work in our product and delivery teams.

Our development management software is designed to answer your specific building and planning requirements, based on our exceptionally detailed understanding of how local authorities work. We know that budgets are tight with mounting pressures on service demand. By streamlining your functionality and workflows, we can boost productivity while saving you money.

Working collaboratively, we will build a relationship based on trust and we are here to support you, now and in the future.

Our suite of products

Key Benefits

Mobilised workforce

Our software empowers council officers to work from home or on the move, anywhere, any time, on any device. On location, officers can capture real-time information and prioritise enforcements.

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Return on investment

Moving to a managed, cloud-hosted solution leaves behind costly on-premise IT infrastructure. Streamlining processes and workflows without re-keying allows your officers to focus on delivering vital services.

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End-to-end solutions

Through front-to-back system integration, we can streamline processes, automate tasks and deliver a more responsive service, from receipt of application to decision and subsequent reporting.

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24/7 digital services

Our accessible online citizen portals provide a seamless and sustainable digital experience. Eliminating paper-based applications, you can deliver a more convenient and responsive service to your citizens.

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Support expertise

Our consultancy, project support and technical teams have the expertise and deep domain environment knowledge of the build environment to provide a guided implementation experience and seamless data migration services.

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Streamlining planning with intelligent case management software that delivers accurate, efficient and cost-effective digital government.

Building Control

Agile, tailored case management software for comprehensive building management, driving increased efficiencies and responsive digital government.

Land Charges

Intuitive, cost-effective cloud case management software enabling fast, streamlined processing of requests, searches and registers.

Estates Management

Innovative estates management software designed to effectively manage property portfolios.

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“It offers a truly digital, hosted and fully managed solution. It will enable us to implement agile working in ways that we had previously only dreamed of.”

Jane Custance, London Borough of Waltham Forest

“Implementing the Idox software offered us flexibility around remote working, accessing data from anywhere, and becoming agile which resulted in a more productive workforce and faster delivery of projects.”

Janine Weaver, South Thames Building Control

“The system will enable the council to make significant cost savings and other efficiencies, whilst providing a modern, agile and flexible service that matches the needs of our citizens.”

Steve Holcroft, Liverpool City Council
We are trusted by local authorities across the UK

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