iAssets: Hospital Asset Tracking

Empowering healthcare staff with the ability to locate, manage and utilise medical equipment more efficiently through passive and active RFID, Bluetooth and WiFi technology.

Empowering healthcare staff with the ability to locate,
manage and utilise medical equipment more efficiently
through passive and active RFID, Bluetooth and WiFi technology.

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Reduces time spent in manual equipment search

Improve patient care and safety

Unlock efficiency and cost savings

Efficient and intelligent asset tracking

Built on proven logistics practices to intelligently manage equipment that moves around a hospital, our solution ensures that all mobile hospital assets are accounted for.

Providing immediate opportunities to reduce service overheads at department level, iAssets is scalable to increase further savings as teams embrace new digital ways of working. Implemented across healthcare estates, medical engineering, medicines, asset utilisation, procurement, patient tracking – and beyond – the solution helps staff to overcome clinical challenges and increase efficiency across the healthcare estate.

NHS trusts and health boards across the UK are using our asset tracking solution to meet Cost Improvement Programme (CIP) targets, address Care Quality Commission (CQC) issues and significantly reduce the costs of managing physical items that move around the healthcare environment.

Tracking and intelligently managing your mobile hospital assets ensures you have a 360-degree view of everything required to efficiently and effectively track your medical equipment across the healthcare estate. With access to the right equipment at the right time, patient care and safety can be truly optimised.

Key benefits of our hospital asset tracking software


Enabling NHS Trusts and health boards to meet their targets by significantly reducing the cost of managing medical devices and finding lost equipment across the healthcare environment.

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Ensuring investment return

Intelligent asset monitoring captures appropriate and relevant utilisation data to support better-informed investment decision making in the future.

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Reduced administrative overheads

Our solution is fully compliant with all seven GS1 keys and supports Scan4Safety.

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Reduced time searching for equipment

Tracking technology supports staff in reducing time spent searching for assets and lost equipment, enabling more time to be spent on patient care.

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Right place, right time

With intelligent tracking of medical equipment, trusts can ensure that usage and maintenance is tracked throughout the asset life cycle, from ensuring devices are well maintained and serviced at the right time, to devices only used by appropriately trained staff. The panoramic view provided ensures quick delivery of vital equipment in an emergency, helping to save lives.

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“The top benefits it delivers for us daily are time savings, better critical maintenance processes and more importantly, improved patient care.”

Stuart Barton, Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
We are trusted by health organisations across the UK

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