BodyGuard™ T Lockbox

A dedicated solution for tracking BodyGuard™ T (formally T34™) syringe pumps inside and outside the hospital.

Through our comprehensive iAssets solution, Idox enables the NHS to track and manage its assets effectively both in the hospital and throughout the community, empowering healthcare staff to take control of their medical assets. We currently work with 30 major trusts across the UK, providing a smart, safe, and cost-effective way to track their medical equipment.

Given the portability of the BodyGuard™ T syringe pump, valuable time and money can be wasted searching for devices that have moved throughout the hospital or lost in the community when they go out to patient homes. Currently, trusts use lockboxes to protect these products and stop them being tampered with, unfortunately, they cannot be tracked outside the hospital environment, meaning many are misplaced. By tagging these devices with Wi-Fi and GPS technology, we can provide an enhanced and practical tracking solution for their entire healthcare estate, saving the NHS millions of pounds in losses and improving patient care.

Our healthcare solutions are designed in collaboration with clinical experts with the twin aims of improving operational efficiency and supporting you in the delivery of high-quality patient care.

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