How to buy

Idox is proud to be a trusted government partner, belonging to
key procurement frameworks including VAS and G-Cloud 13

Buying frameworks – what are they and how do they work?

Procuring technology and services can be a complex and lengthy undertaking, often involving significant time, cost and resource. Buying frameworks are designed to simplify that process, enabling public sector organisations to procure services from pre-approved suppliers that are accredited and meet all of the expected standards and requirements.

With standardised contract terms compliant with public sector procurement regulations, buyers have peace of mind that they are partnering with a supplier that has been fully vetted and is capable of delivering the requirements.

Buyers have the option of running a mini-competition, or in many cases can direct award (‘call off’) when required, which is often the fastest way to procure services via a framework. Direct award means you can partner directly with the supplier that best suits the needs of your business and avoids the high cost, time and resource demanded by the traditional procurement process.

With a strong heritage as a trusted government partner, Idox has the knowledge and experience of working with public sector frameworks and guiding buyers through the process. We understand the challenges and constraints uniquely faced by public sector organisations and with our expertise and market experience, we can help you in navigating the framework process to ensure a seamless, efficient and cost-effective outcome.

Key Benefits

Framework agreements

G-Cloud 13 (RM1557.13)

G-Cloud 13 is the latest iteration of a government framework designed to make the process of procuring cloud services and cost-effective.

Vertical Application Solutions (RM6259)

The Vertical Application Solutions framework enables public sector customers to access software focused solutions and replaces the Data and Applications Solutions system.

Digital Outcomes 6 (RM1043.8)

The Digital Outcomes 6 framework supports the public sector in purchasing bespoke digital solutions and services, replacing Digital Outcomes and Specialists 5.

Digital Specialists and Programmes (RM6263)

This agreement provides public sector organisations with a full range of digital, data and technology skills needed for digital transformation projects.