iRecords: Hospital medical records management software

Accurately track medical records across the trust estate to reduce manual searching, free-up library space, save costs and increase patient safety

Accurately track medical records across the trust estate
to reduce manual searching, free-up library space,
save costs and increase patient safety

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Faster records retrieval

Right information, right time

A safer patient journey

Accurately track medical records across healthcare environments

With the drive to level up digital provision across the NHS, the digitisation of patient records is a fundamental component of this transformation. But, with the average GP surgery estimated to handle around 750,000 pages of health records at any one time, the scale of the challenge of shifting to a digital-first healthcare system is clear.

iRecords enables trusts to accurately track medical records across the healthcare environment, transforming the records management process into a modern, location-based logistics operation. Supported by the installation of fixed RFID passive readers and sensors to accurately track case note movement across the healthcare estate, and the provision of handheld devices to reliably locate case notes electronically, our system ensures timely access to patient information. Together with reliable PAS integration, this enables staff to rapidly trace record locations across an ICS, further supporting the drive towards interoperability and shared care records.

As a GS1-compliant solution, it delivers immediate efficiency savings in tracking, locating, re-filing and auditing of records, helping healthcare trusts meet NHS directives and enhancing patient care and safety.

Key benefits of our software

Cost savings through efficiency gains

Driving savings within hospital health records services by deploying technology for faster and accurate tracking, storage and retrieval of patient records.

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Right place, right time

With higher levels of efficiency, accuracy and organisation of medical records, staff can ensure that records are delivered to the right place, at the right time to support clinicians in more informed decision making and preventing lost records across the clinical environment.

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Accurate and reliable record tracking

Using RFID technology, our solution enables staff and couriers to physically scan each medical record’s tag or barcode with handheld scanners as it reaches or leaves a department, creating an active and accurate audit trail. At the same time, passive RFID scanners located throughout each site record the medical record’s journey through the hospital.

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Prevent records being misplaced or lost

Misplaced medical records can result in patient appointments being postponed until the record can be found, or a new one is created. With improved operational efficiency, medical records can be correctly tracked and retrieved as they are needed, ensuring that appointments proceed as planned.

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Linking systems for better visibility

Linking to the Patient Administration System (PAS), our solution ensures timely access to medical records, allowing staff to rapidly trace record locations across an Integrated Care System (ICS), thereby supporting the drive towards interoperability and shared care records.

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Deploying staff more effectively

Introducing iRecords enhances the efficiency of medical record departments, reducing laborious searching and resulting in better working environments and improved staff morale.

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“iFIT has meant we can ensure as much as 98% of our records get to the appointment on time. It’s been one of the major transformational projects in my career that’s delivered such tangible benefits.”

Andrew Raynes, Barking, Havering & Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust

“iFIT has allowed us to make significant savings. Specifically, staff reduction, more efficient pulling, higher rates of found missing files and reduced temporary set creation”

Simon Clayton, St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
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