South Thames Gateway Building Control
Adoption of Building Control software boosts efficiencies across local authorities

“A forward thinking organisation which delivered a ‘can-do’ attitude.”

Janine Boughton
Managing Director
South Thames Gateway Building Control

STG’s digital transformation with the Idox solution has resulted in the following:

  • 79% savings in administration time
  • 39% saving on the management of incoming emails
  • 25% increase in productivity
  • 50% reduction in accommodation
  • Elimination of paper-based processes (in progress)

Provide cloud-based services to deliver value for money
Formed in 2007, South Thames Gateway (STG) Building Control was created to provide services to their local authorities: Canterbury City Council, Gravesham Borough Council, Medway Council and Swale Borough Council. Their goal is to help clients work with ever more complex building regulations to ensure projects are both sustainable and of the highest quality. 

In order to provide innovative solutions to the building sector, STG had a clear mission in mind –deliver value for money whilst never compromising on quality of service and providing true impartiality. 

Enabling mobile working and agile working practices
STG Building Control first made the investment in the Idox Building Control solution in 2013 and have been true pioneers of the system ever since. As a cloud-based, mobile ready solution, Idox was able to deliver and focus on their need to drive efficiency throughout their entire building control service provision. Idox’s Building Control software ensures officers are not constrained to hard copies and office locations. Not only does this improve efficiency but allows for a better work-life balance for STG employees. 

Janine Boughton, Managing Director for STG commented on the solution implementation, saying: 

“A forward thinking organisation which demonstrated a ‘can-do’ attitude in delivering a product that fulfilled our brief for ‘real-time’ mobile working, improved customer interface and accurate management information, to deliver improved service delivery and build resilience into an expanding service.”

Exceeded expectations and collaborative planning
At Idox we are passionate about working collaboratively with our customers to provide innovative software solutions that create efficiencies and save money. For STG Building Control that has meant 79% savings in administration time, compared to a 20% forecast. This notable comparison is a result of officers being able to access real-time data while in the field, including accessing calendars, viewing case documentation, commercial addresses, producing inspection reports on-site and emailing directly to customers, allowing them to update, search and view records within their teams. The use of an entirely cloud-based system has also resulted in a 39% saving on management of incoming emails, therefore allowing for the time saved to be allocated more efficiently. Further, there has also been significant savings in terms of travel time and travel expenses as with an internet-enabled device, employees can work collaboratively from remote locations. This ‘mobile by default’ approach has meant there is potential for more productive working on the move, as employees are empowered to work as and when they choose and can spend less time in the office. This is reflected in the 25% increase in productivity throughout STG.