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Land Charges

Intuitive, cost-effective cloud case management software enabling fast, streamlined processing of requests, searches and registers

Intuitive, cost-effective cloud case management software enabling
fast, streamlined processing of requests, searches and registers

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Idox software for Land Charges trusted by UK local authorities
Levels of local authority productivity increased with Idox solutions
Years Idox has been trusted by UK local authorities

Agile software for accurate and efficient land charges searches

Our trusted, cloud-based land charges case management software enables accurate, efficient and fully compliant processes for local authorities.

With smart software, you can process LLC1, CON29 and personal searches received via the National Land Information Service (NLIS) hub. Advanced automation drives speed, accuracy of results and efficiency for your officers, while delivering an accessible, paper-free service for your citizens and communities.

Achieve seamless, end-to-end management of your digital land charges search requests, reducing turnaround times and improving accuracy of results. Submissions are completed online, empowering you to streamline processes, automate tasks and deliver a responsive digital service.

Intuitive reporting enables quick analysis, monitoring and control of your land charge search workload. Complex reports are easy to create – and maximising the data pushes forward process improvements built around solid insights. Integration with GIS tools provides spatial insight and context for every land search enquiry.

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Key Benefits

24/7 digital services

Deliver a more convenient, sustainable and paper-free service to your citizens and business owners with 24/7 digital services, accessible through integrated online portals.

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Faster turaround

Our end-to-end land charges solution empowers local authorities to respond to search queries quickly, accurately and easily, using automation to deliver a seamless, more responsive service.

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GIS Intelligence

Integration with Idox GIS tools ensures accurate spatial analysis and greater insight into the search results.

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Reporting and monitoring

Intuitive reporting facilitates quick analysis, monitoring and control of land charge search workload. Complex reports can be created easily and the resulting data utilised to drive process improvements.

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Regulatory compliance

We are experts in providing solutions that accommodate complex rules, regulations and legislative requirements. You have the reassurance that our software is compliant and backed by our highly experienced team.

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“It offers a truly digital, hosted and fully managed solution. It will enable us to implement agile working in ways that we had previously only dreamed of.”

Jane Custance, London Borough of Waltham Forest

“The system will enable the council to make significant cost savings and other efficiencies, whilst providing a modern, agile and flexible service that matches the needs of our citizens.”

Steve Holcroft, Liverpool City Council

“Implementing the Idox software offered us flexibility around remote working, accessing data from anywhere, and becoming agile which resulted in a more productive workforce and faster delivery of projects.”

Janine Weaver, South Thames Building Control
We are trusted by local authorities across the UK

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