With a long history providing a range of mobile solutions, our innovative suite of role-based apps enables effective mobile working, delivering real efficiencies for those looking to complete their tasks remotely.

Facilitating on-the-move working anytime, anywhere, we accommodate those out in the field, supporting effective channel shift and transforming how they engage with their customers and their cases.

Mobile working is about having a complete electronic and portable solution. Whether it’s enabling home working or field working, we have a range of solutions that can be used to not only provide full and secure information to those who need it – but when and where they need it.

The Idox OnSite app suite provides the tools to review, record and complete inspections on site, generating both time and cost savings and supporting the drive towards paperless working by being fully operational on a laptop, tablet or handheld device.

App users can search, recover, download, update and upload anything they might need for a case, wherever they are – avoiding issues in accessing and documenting information and alleviating demands on travel and administration.

Key features and benefits:

  • Immediate access and usage – designed with simplicity in mind, the app requires no training or a complex implementation project; users are up and running in minutes
  • Efficiency savings – view, complete and create inspections on site and automatically sync these records with those in the back office once connected, boosting productivity by avoiding repeated trips back to the office to update records
  • Constant intelligence – obtain case details even when mobile, take photos which automatically upload to your EDMS, and view and sort all inspections on a map
  • Avoid duplication – update multiple inspections/plots all at once where inspection details are the same or similar
  • Reduced travel time – no need to visit the office to pick up workloads and update systems
  • Reduced printing costs and administrative efforts – the system supports paperless working


Building Inspector App

Designed specifically to help Building Control and Building Standards Officers carry out inspections.


Commercial Premises App

Designed specifically to help Environmental Health Officers carry out inspections and risk assessments.


Planning App

Designed specifically to help Planning Officers carry out inspections.


Planning Enforcement App

Designed specifically to help Planning Enforcement officers carry out inspections.


Licensing Enforcement App

Designed specifically to help Licensing Enforcement officers carry out inspections.


Service Requests App

Designed specifically to help Local Authority Officers deal with service requests in the field.

Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council

“Idox has allowed us to take full advantage of the benefits of agile working, helping us achieve savings in terms of efficiency, reduced storage costs and fewer work stages.”

Gateshead Council

“Our Building Inspectors use the BI app, which has been an immeasurable improvement to independent, on-site working compared to previous solutions.”

Case study: Shropshire Council

Partnering with Idox to recognise the benefits of mobile technology

Idox facts and figures

20% of Building Control authorities in the UK are using Idox’s applications to carry out building inspections


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Idox OnSite Apps

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