Upping the gears for Cheltenham with digitally-led taxi licensing service

Cheltenham Borough Council has praised Idox’s suite of online forms following the delivery of an end-to-end Licensing service in which local taxi drivers can complete and submit applications online.

With previous manual processes becoming both time and resource intensive, the Council was keen to automate operations at the front and back end to streamline operations and drive savings.

As the forms integrate directly with the Council’s back office infrastructure – also supplied by Idox – many of the labour-intensive activities associated with submission management and processing have been removed, replaced by data that is automat­ically pushed into the database and EDRMS.

In the case of taxi licensing, the process has been transformed significantly with taxi drivers able to complete, review, track and pay for their licence online – avoiding the need for council office visits or unnecessary calls that can drain staff time and inconvenience citizens.

Speaking about the smooth and consistent customer journey now in place, Louis Krog, Licensing Manager at Cheltenham Borough Council said: “It has enabled us to save an enormous amount of officer time in terms of administration and do away with a lot of rekeying and manual work – it’s a secure way of communicating and one fluid process instead of several.

“For taxi drivers, they can now sit in their car on a slow day and renew their licence, whereas before they would have had to make an appointment, come in to see an officer, sit down and do the paperwork, and then go off to make payment. The Idox products have certainly made it better for us and for our customers to work.”

Keen to extend its capabilities, the Council – who has a 20-year relationship with Idox – is already intending to extend its form functionality to include liquor and entertainment licensing.

Louis concludes: “Idox has always delivered what we’ve needed them to, and been able to adapt. To some extent, they’re just ahead, so by the time we get there Idox has already released something that will support us on that kind of journey.”

Read the Council’s full story – download the case study

Published on: 26 June 2018

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