Bracknell Forest Council selects Idox to supercharge digitisation of its electoral services

Idox, a leading developer of specialist information management solutions for the public sector, today announces that Bracknell Forest Council has implemented its end-to-end electoral management solution to manage the council’s full breadth of electoral services.

Following a competitive procurement, Idox’s solution was selected, with its reliability, robustness, and intuitiveness being key factors in the decision. The solution will deliver greater value to the local authority, by enabling its electoral services team to manage and facilitate data additions, edits and extractions simply, efficiently and compliantly. The system will also substantially streamline the planning and delivery of the authority’s elections, annual canvasses, electoral register administration and its implementation of electoral boundary changes.

The solution enables greater insight into the council’s electorate through flexible slicing and dicing of the elector and property data. It centralises all information held on electors, facilitating more efficient use of the authority’s electoral resources. During the annual canvass, Bracknell Forest’s officers can quickly analyse each household, with the system providing unmatched versatility in the optimisation of engagement types. Not only does this help to improve register completeness and accuracy, it also reduces money and time spent on in-person and physical document canvassing for citizens that regularly use – or wish to begin using – digital channels.

Ann Moore, Head of Democratic and Registration Services at Bracknell Forest Council, said: “All the processes within local electoral services are critical to the nation’s democracy. Ensuring that the electorate has all the information and resources to vote is a huge undertaking and, alongside that, people’s engagement requirements are always changing. Idox’s solution gives us the freedom, confidence and insight to evolve processes and methods so that we can continue to deliver first-class public services. It also enables us to manage events such as elections, referendums, the annual canvass, and boundary changes smoothly, so that we have complete confidence that the data we hold is accurate and ready for when it’s needed.”

Idox’s full suite of innovative end-to-end electoral management solutions provides a complete package of expertise and support. It covers all aspects, from register maintenance to election preparation and management. This provides local authorities with complete confidence that they can deliver events flawlessly, while also reducing the heavy resource burden by evolving time-intensive administration processes to incorporate more digital capabilities.

William Quinton, Head of Elections Sales at Idox commented: “We’re delighted to be supporting Bracknell Forest Council. The continued digitisation of the public sector is critical in ensuring citizens have greater access to the services that are essential to how they live, work and vote. Steeped in history, the UK’s democracy is often heralded as a shining example, but that doesn’t mean we should continue relying on processes that are decades old in some cases. They must evolve digitally in line with how the electorate interacts with services in other aspects of their lives. The public sector cannot get left behind.”

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Published on: 15 November 2021

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