National HIV Testing Week Celebrates a Decade of Awareness and Action

National HIV Testing Week holds special significance this year as it marks a decade since its inception. Throughout this week, people across the country are urged to participate in free and confidential HIV testing. The campaign emphasises the importance of knowing one’s HIV status, considering that individuals can live with the virus for an extended period without displaying any symptoms.

Testing is easier than ever, with various options available to the public. Whether through a sexual health clinic, a GP, or the convenience of an at-home test kit, individuals can easily access testing services. As part of National HIV Testing Week, participants can order a free self-test for a quick 15-minute result or opt for a postal test, where a self-collected sample is sent to a lab for analysis, with results communicated to the individual. Those testing negative can continue to safeguard their health through measures like PrEP or condoms. For those testing positive, timely treatment allows individuals to lead long and healthy lives.

As we celebrate a decade of National HIV Testing Week, the message is clear – regular testing benefits individuals and contributes to the collective health of our communities.

Chris Evans, Divisional Director, Community Solutions said “This annual initiative plays a pivotal role in raising awareness about the importance of HIV testing, a crucial step in early diagnosis and treatment. By encouraging individuals to know their HIV status, we contribute to the broader effort of preventing the spread of the virus and ensuring timely care for those affected. Our support for National HIV Testing Week aligns with our core values of accessibility and simplicity in our software solutions”.

Further information about National HIV Testing Week can be found on the Terrence Higgins Trust web page or It Starts with Me. As well as The Terrence Higgins Trust, other Idox customers supporting the campaign are The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust and South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Trust.

Our support for National HIV Testing Week aligns with our core values of accessibility and simplicity in our software solutions

Idox understands the challenges faced by the public sector, local authorities, charities, and healthcare institutions. As Lilie aligns with the goals of healthcare trusts, it stands as a strategic choice, reinforcing the significance of simplified solutions in the ever-evolving landscape of HIV testing technology.

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Published on: 8 February 2024

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