Strengthening our geospatial presence at Idox

The Association for Geographic Information (AGI) has recently welcomed Idox as an Associate Member and will feature us in their next newsletter. 

Alan Moore, Head of Geospatial at Idox, tells us more.

A leading supplier of specialist information management software and solutions to the public and asset intensive sectors, Idox software covers the natural and built environment, community assets and transportation. Recognising the fundamental importance of geospatial data to customer workflows and with a focus on digital transformation, Idox acquired three geospatial businesses in 2021:   

  • thinkWhere – a leading UK location data sharing, cloud GIS and geospatial services company,
  • Aligned Assetsa leading provider of UK Address Management solutions, and  
  • Exegesis – an environmental, ecological and heritage GIS consultancy with customers in the UK, Europe and Africa. 

Our software brings teams together, automates tasks and enables better ways of working. The value we create for our customers supports improved efficiency by reducing operational costs, provides greater accuracy, and enables faster service delivery.  Location is key to enabling this transformation. Idox is proud to offer a new suite of geospatial products, services and solutions to complement its broader portfolio of software systems.  

Why we joined the AGI as an Associate Member

We are looking to expand our networks and support business growth through our AGI Associate membership.   

Membership offers great opportunities for networking and collaboration across the geospatial community, suppliers, partners and its customers. Idox is looking to consolidate its position as a recognised leading geospatial solutions provider and support growth of the community. AGI has a leading reputation for the quality and reach of its local and national industry events and we look forward to contributing and supporting these activities. 

As an Associate member we can also offer all our staff the benefits of being a named member. This helps to widen awareness of geospatial across the company as well as encouraging colleagues to help support their geospatial career and skills development.   

Geospatial predictions over the next 12 months

We feel the next 12 months will see a continuation of recent geospatial trends for digital transformation, with greater demand for more sophisticated, intelligent data and more innovative technology solutions to handle that data effectively and with ease. 

  • The use of cloud GIS has rapidly accelerated because of the Covid pandemic, and this trend will continue at pace – the need to access data and systems anytime and from anywhere has become fundamental for effective business continuity.   
  • A greater awareness and commitment to better standards of geospatial data governance with a focus on security, ethics and quality. 
  • More advanced capabilities to easily visualise, interpret and analyse data – without needing to be a GIS professional. 
  • The increasing use of real-time, sensor driven geospatial data and the increased appliance of satellite data across more diverse business applications. 
  • A continued transition to the use of intelligent digital techniques eg. process automation, machine learning, and the use of artificial intelligence both to derive geospatial data and to provide more dynamic change monitoring.  
  • An increased requirement for the integration of indoor and outdoor geospatial data through the convergence of BIM, CAD and GIS. 
  • And of course, the continued increase in the adoption of open-source technologies. 

Idox is looking forward to working with others in the network to help AGI inform, influence and act as a united voice for the UK’s geospatial industry. 

If you’d like to find out more about how our geospatial products and services can benefit your business, please contact us.

Published on: 24 March 2022

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