Idox Group teams up with HM Land Registry on national Local Land Charges Register

Software company Idox has teamed up with HM Land Registry (HMLR) to support the rollout of the national Local Land Charges (LLC) Register. Last December, HMLR announced its ambition to complete the transfer of all local authority LLC data in England and Wales to the register by 2025.

The project, which is central to HMLRs ambition to become the world’s leading land registry, gives property buyers a quicker, simpler and more cost-effective service. Through our Application Programming Interface (API) integration services and Data Extraction (DE) we will connect local authorities to the register.

Allison Bradbury, Head of Local Land Charges Implementation at HMLR said:

“We are pleased Idox are working with us to deliver a solution that allows local authorities to transfer their data to the LLC Register, while complying with stringent data controls. Their experience of large data infrastructure projects and the public sector means they understand our national goal and local authority requirements.”

The new system will also enable data extracts to pass to HMLR for data quality assessments, data manipulation and change-only updates when a local authority goes live. This will make it easier for property developers, legal professionals, local authorities and others who rely on land registry searches to deliver projects.

Idox has already delivered these services to 23 local authorities and is now progressing rollout to a further 83 local authorities, with completion scheduled by December 2021. The Idox team are also working closely with HMLR to scale the implementation, so more authorities can be enabled in a shorter timescale.

Scott Goodwin, Head of Local Authority Sales at Idox Group said:

“We are looking forward to working with our local authority clients as they adapt to HMLRs new system and a truly national, smart land registry system. All local authorities will eventually have to work with this system, and our expertise means that for those we already work with, the process of transitioning to and complying with the new system will be a smooth one.

“The current system leads to replication and hinders the sharing of best practice across multiple local authorities. This new initiative from HMLR will deliver better results for local authorities and service users across the country and support their goal of being a world leading land registry. This will be an important initiative as the country begins its recovery from the pandemic and the work of delivering new housing and infrastructure.”

Published on: 15 June 2021

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