Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council unlocks £3M+ for communities with Idox’s GrantFinder

In the heart of the Black Country, Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council has taken a significant step forward in transforming its funding strategy. Faced with the challenge of navigating a complex landscape of funding opportunities, the Council has found a powerful ally in Idox’s GrantFinder, a comprehensive funding search platform.

With a rich tapestry of services from public health to parks development, the Council has always been at the forefront of supporting its community. Yet, securing funding had been a steep hill to climb. 

Implementing the platform has not only streamlined the search for grants but also opened doors to substantial funding that was previously untapped. In the first year alone, an impressive £72,000 was identified for community groups, with Dudley Council for Voluntary Service (CVS) unlocking a further £3 million for SMEs and community groups. 

GrantFinder yielded notable outcomes for the Council across several departments, demonstrating the positive impact on the organisation’s funding landscape including:

  • Supporting 31 not-for-profit organisations, helping them improve planning and identify potential funders.
  • Unlocking £2,675,937 of funding this financial year for 28 not-for-profit groups.
  • Contributing to 9 groups receiving £1,088,515 in funding and 19 groups accessing £1,587,422.

This leap in funding capabilities is a testament to the effectiveness of GrantFinder in bringing financial resources closer to where they’re most needed.

The benefits of GrantFinder extend beyond financial gains. For the Public Health Team and Parks Development Team, it’s been a revelation. Manual searches and the endless trawl through newsletters and websites are now things of the past. GrantFinder’s automated alerts and detailed funding insights mean that teams can focus more on project implementation and less on funding searches.

What stands out is the platform’s ability to foster collaboration. By allowing the creation of workgroups, GrantFinder has made it easier for different departments within the Council to share information and coordinate their efforts more effectively.

The success story of Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council and GrantFinder is one of transformation. The software’s intuitive design, coupled with real-time updates and personal support, has not only saved time and resources but also significantly enhanced the Council’s ability to support its community.

It’s clear that this partnership is more than just a funding solution—it’s a strategic tool that has become integral to the Council’s mission to serve its residents. With each grant secured, Dudley takes another step towards a more vibrant, well-supported community.

Idox’s GrantFinder has proven to be an essential tool for Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council, addressing challenges, streamlining funding efforts, and delivering tangible outcomes.

Michelle Clare, Regeneration Project Officer, Placemaking, Regeneration & Enterprise, Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council

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Published on: 12 March 2024

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