Oxford Innovation Advice uses GrantFinder for a competitive edge

For over 30 years, Oxford Innovation Advice has successfully designed and delivered business support programmes providing thousands of businesses — across all sectors — with dedicated advice and support that provides economic growth.

The organisation works with a diverse range of businesses, each at different stages of their development and across various sectors and has so far supported over 34,000 businesses and defrayed over £26.9 million in grants.

The adoption of GrantFinder in April 2023 marked a turning point for Oxford Innovation Advice. With its comprehensive grant database, advanced search capabilities and user-friendly interface, GrantFinder has transformed how Oxford Innovation Advice identifies and supports clients’ grant strategies.

Christopher Buckland, Innovation & Growth Specialist at Oxford Innovation Advice said:
The team described their experience working with Idox as enjoyable, underscoring the importance of a positive working relationship. Clients reported success in identifying suitable grants that were previously unknown to them before a GrantFinder search was conducted – highlighting the strength of the tool. The implementation process was smoother than expected, with support readily available whenever needed.

Published on: 14 December 2023

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