Transforming with technology: New tablet canvassing app launched

We’re delighted to announce that the new Idox tablet canvassing app has been launched on the App Store and Google Play.

This is the third iteration of our canvassing tablet solution, and includes all the lessons that we learnt from the previous two editions following insightful customer feedback and experience.

The app  has all the best parts of its predecessors – not least cost savings, photo uploads, maximum security and embedded ITR functionality – but we’ve also added additional benefits:

  • Intuitive and usable, meaning fewer mistakes made and less training required.
  • To the maximum extent possible, we’ve reduced clicks, swipes and typing required, meaning that canvassers spend less time at each doorstep and visit more properties.
  • Has an innovative and unique integrated house and elector view so canvassers minimise the visits needed to each house and help electoral teams in their objective of attaining register completeness and accuracy.

If you’re interested in modernising your doorstep canvassing, please contact the team today for more information.

Published on: 1 April 2019

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