Maximising investment in engineering document and asset management systems

In the first of our series, looking at how engineering teams are responding to the increasing challenges of improving process efficiencies and driving cost-savings, we consider how companies can maximise investment in their current technology solutions.

Leveraging the investment in existing software products is high on the agenda for engineering firms responding to downward cost pressures. Joining up the solutions already in use to make them work together more effectively is one way to increase productivity and drive process efficiency. One example of this is linking existing EAM and EDMS systems together to improve work order oversight and control for operations and maintenance teams.

In industries such as oil and gas; energy and utilities; construction; or infrastructure, the management of drawings and documentation is subject to rigorous control and regulatory compliance standards. For regular maintenance work orders to be carried out easily and efficiently, it is critical for Operations, Maintenance and Engineering to have quick access to the most up-to-date information about their assets.

Not surprisingly, engineering documents and data may be stored in a number of different places. In addition to the EDMS, information could be held in an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system – a solution such as SAP, Maximo or JD Edwards. Typically, these two systems have no relationship between them and if they don’t talk to each other, operations and maintenance teams can waste time searching for related content. As a result, using outdated or incorrect documentation can have a serious impact on costs and compliance.

Making connections

Engineering companies are beginning to address this issue. To increase efficiency and reduce costs, it makes sense to maximize the investment in existing technologies. Owner Operators are now joining up their EAM and EDMS systems with tools such as Idox’s EAM Connector. This allows engineering documents to be accessed quickly, directly from the EAM interface, and searched by asset tag, functional location or maintenance work order.  Searches are improved and processes execute seamlessly across both systems. Confident decisions can be made, based on accurate information. The integrity of the asset is maintained throughout the lifecycle.

When the two systems are integrated, assets can be linked to engineering documents and work packs can be created, tracked, merged into a single pdf and managed through a secure change control process.

Realizing Results

Canadian Natural Resources Limited (Canadian Natural), one of the largest independent crude oil and natural gas producers in the world, has found the link between issued construction work packages and the engineering execution work orders in their EAM system (Maximo) to be crucial in avoiding mistakes. The integration ensures that the construction execution team has the same information that their engineers have endorsed.  To find out more about how Canadian Natural has enhanced safety with its solution, get in touch.

Published on: 20 February 2018

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