Inspecting in situ – Gateshead Council endorses Idox app technology

Gateshead Council has reported efficient, agile working across its Building Control team thanks to Idox’s Building Inspector (BI) app.

Facilitating on-the-move working anytime, anywhere, the BI app provides the tools for the team to review, record and complete inspections on site, generating both time and cost savings and supporting the Council’s move towards paperless working.

As the app automatically syncs case information to the back office when connected, Building Inspectors can undertake subsequent site visits throughout the day, boosting productivity by avoiding repeated trips back to the office to update records.

Angus Pinder, Principal Building Surveyor at Gateshead Council said:

“Our Building Control team was reduced and five of our surveyors worked from home 60% of the time. Prior to the adoption of Idox’s BI app, laptops were used to connect with the Council’s systems, but this approach proved wholly unsuitable for mobile working being slow to operate and unreliable, with poor connectivity. The inability to write concurrent site records resulted in a poor customer experience, as well as an inefficient building control service with more risk of error.

“Building Inspectors now use the BI app, which has been an immeasurable improvement to independent, on-site working compared to previous solutions. Previous site records can be readily accessed – minimising inaccuracies and delays – and the surveyor’s time is now used more efficiently. The workload can also be quickly reassigned across the team when demand dictates, making us much more agile and productive overall – a key driver given the team reduction and demanding workloads.

“The BI app has been specifically designed to do one thing, and that – supporting Building Control officers on site to manage their workloads and carry out their duties with maximum efficiency – it does very well.”

The Council is considering a possible extension to its Idox service to include the company’s DMS to use more of the enhanced app functionality, as well as the wider suite of OnSite apps to accelerate mobile working across both its Planning and Licensing teams.

  • For further details about OnSite – Idox’s comprehensive suite of role-based apps – email
Published on: 23 April 2018

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