Innovative eCanvass service hits more than 1 million households for 2019

Since late June, we’ve been sending emails on behalf of our local authority customers to solicit and encourage responses to the annual canvass – a feature unique to Idox. This innovative solution gives electors the most efficient way of responding to the canvass, which they do electronically through our market-leading IVR platform.

We’ve already emailed more than 1 million households this canvass (reaching over 1.3 million electors), surpassing the number of emails we sent for the entire canvass last year. This equates to over 300 trees saved, not to mention the associated printing and postage cost savings for our customers.

The largest number of emails sent from one customer was to over 141,000 households, covering 195,342 electors.

For more information about our eCanvass service, please contact your account manager or contact us here.

Published on: 28 August 2019

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