Idox Compliance supports Belgian Coalition with GDPR awareness drive

The Belgian Cyber Security Coalition – a partnership comprising academic organisations, public authorities and private sector companies – has shared the success of its GDPR readiness tool developed and implemented by Idox Compliance.

With a shared ambition to reduce cyber-crime and protect user data, the Coalition’s 60 key players – many of which represent hundreds of SMEs, universities and governmental organisations – were keen to raise awareness amongst members following the changes mandated by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Idox Compliance’s bespoke GDPR Check-Up programme was identified as an ideal solution.

As well as helping organisations identify whether they were GDPR-ready, the online training also pinpointed areas requiring improvement – to date, the programme has offered approximately 2,000 tailored recommendations and supported around 4,000 active participants.

Commenting on the effectiveness of the online training, Jan Populaire of BNP Parabis Fortis – a Coalition member company – said:

“Having worked with Idox Compliance previously, we were confident they were the ideal candidates to devise an informative, insightful programme that we could push out at scale.

“Due to the number of organisations potentially in our reach, having personalised recommendations was critical and played a key role in increasing the tool’s appeal and usefulness.”

To find out more about the Coalition’s success with the GDPR Check-Up programme, read the full case study.


Published on: 23 November 2018

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