Citizens granted better access to Coronavirus information thanks to Idox

With communities eager to have access to reliable advice and guidance during the Coronavirus pandemic, Idox has worked swiftly to ensure local authorities are able to provide up-to-date online information to communities across the UK.

Customers with our online directory platform – which act as an information hub for the public – have had their websites updated in less than 24 hours, delivering valuable, trusted and timely guidance during these unprecedented times.

Citizens are now able to view dedicated information about how activities, local services, childcare availability, schooling and more, have changed in light of the pandemic, acting as a powerful resource.

Anita Abram, Suffolk County Council said: “Providing information, advice and support to citizens using our online directory has been a key element our response to the Covid-19 pandemic. This has included adding new ways to search for childcare for key workers and vulnerable children. Idox, reacted quickly to make all important changes to our online directory, Suffolk InfoLink, and are proactive on an almost daily basis as government guidance changes all the time. Clear signposting to information relating specifically to COVID-19 is now available for people in Suffolk they can view advice and guidance, learn about service changes and browse mental and physical health tips.”

Chris Evans, Idox’s Head of Product and Strategy commented: “With an overwhelming amount of information available across social media platforms and websites, a trusted, locally curated information portal is more important than ever.

“We’re proud to have been able to react quickly and work with all our customers to ensure they have the very latest information available online, which in turn has enabled them to provide their communities with the guidance they need to navigate these challenging times.”

For more information about our Online Directories and how they can help, please contact Idox via our website.

Published on: 23 April 2020

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