Blackpool Trust consolidates sexual health system for better patient care

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has praised the effectiveness of Idox’s  flexible Electronic Patient Record (EPR) for genitourinary medicine (GUM) patients, after scaling the system to accommodate a merger.

As one of the largest sexual and reproductive health services in the UK, the Trust’s expansion of Lilie has delivered a more consolidated, comprehensive system, granting timely access to patient records, while minimising the burden of data collection on frontline staff.

System sharing has also been enabled without compromising patient confidentiality, with clinical reporting far more flexible than before – especially important given the statutory reporting responsibilities placed on sexual health service providers.

Speaking about the benefits of Lilie, Annette Marchment, Admin and Systems Manager said: “With the increase in reporting requirements for commissioning purposes, Lilie has been the right choice for our services.

“Not only can we gather the data required and submit our reports and KPIs electronically, it has also reduced time spent on compiling reports. We know who visited us, at which site and that helps us to deliver a safer service to our patients.”

To find out more about the Trust’s 18-year partnership with Idox and how Lilie is working in practice, download the full case study here.

Published on: 29 November 2018

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