The 5G race: the UK’s strategy to become a global leader in 5G technology

The Government’s new 5G strategy provides the blueprint for supporting the development and deployment of this new technology and demonstrates a commitment to exploring and maximising the next generation of digital infrastructure in the UK.

But how do we get there?

Just as the 5G vision is seen as an enabler to smarter working, the ambition to continually improve the way we do things is an ongoing project for both public and private sector organisations – and one that Idox has been supporting for many years.

By providing the right digital infrastructure and innovative tools, we are supporting businesses across a range of sectors including local and central government, healthcare, education and more, to improve productivity, deliver positive outcomes and enhance service delivery in a way that meets the rising needs and expectations of society.

In such a digitally-driven age – where plans for 5G technology are on the horizon – our ethos is to equip businesses with the skills and tools they need now and for the future, to ensure they can keep up with the pace of change without getting left behind.

In this article, Idox’s Steven McGinty takes a look at the objectives of the 5G strategy, its scope and the role that local regions will play in supporting future deployments.

You can read the full article here: The 5G arms race: the UK’s strategy to become a global leader in 5G technology