Sport England joins Idox’s Consultee Cloud Service

Idox announces the integration of Sport England’s back office planning application management system with its integral Consultee Cloud service.

Idox’s Consultee Cloud links local planning authorities and consultees via a direct, online channel, and provides the solution necessary to speed up the process of distributing, coordinating, receiving and responding to planning consultations of which there are hundreds of thousands per year. Town planning process stakeholders use the e-consultation cloud to complete both internal and external consultations online, benefitting from both time and resource savings.

Mark Critchley, GIS Manager at Sport England explains, “The integration of the Consultee Cloud service with our in house planning application management system ensures applications are received and responded to directly instead of by email.  The integrated service reduces effort and removes errors for our administration team to log applications, whilst also establishing a more streamlined process for our Planning Managers to send responses back to planning authorities.”

Marie White, Senior Planning Administrator at Sport England adds, “With around 2,400 applications handled by Sport England every year, the time saving alone will be significant. We expect this efficiency to continue to rise as more and more planning authorities carry on joining the service. With application numbers running into the hundreds for some, an automated service is definitely the way forward in terms of streamlining and making a success of the process.”

Paul Beaney, Operations Director at Idox, highlights other benefits of Idox’s Consultee Cloud, which in addition to being a service for back office integration can be accessed via a dedicated website with single login.  “The website not only provides a clear visual indication of priority by ordering consultations according to expiry date, it’s geographical information system (GIS) feature also allows consultees to plot the location of applications on a map. This allows them to easily identify clusters of development and plan appropriately.”

About Sport England

Sport England is a non-departmental public body under the Department for Culture, Media and Sport,  responsible for increasing the number of people doing sport and activity in England – no matter what their background, ability or age.  This is achieved by investing in organisations and projects that will get more people playing sport and creating opportunities for people to be more physically active.  Website:

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