Solving digital transformation problems for local government

Digital technologies present significant opportunities for improvements and savings in local government. With their ability to aid cost-savings, assist economic growth and deliver better outcomes for local residents and communities, digitisation is becoming ever more important for local councils and their partners.

However, whilst many are already reaping the benefits of digital, significant barriers are preventing others from keeping up with the pace of change and achieving their digital vision.

As a leading supplier of digital software, services and content to local authorities across the UK, Idox’s latest whitepaper The Digital Landscape: Challenges and Opportunities for Local Government outlines the digital challenges facing local authorities, and presents practical examples to demonstrate how councils can make – and have made – digital transformation a reality.

As the first in a two-part digital whitepaper series, The Digital Landscape provides the digital context ahead of Digital Solutions for Local Government, expected to be published in the New Year.

Download today: The Digital Landscape: Challenges and Opportunities for Local Government