Socitm survey results reinforce need for ‘simple’ forms on council websites

Socitm’s Better Connected programme has released its latest survey results, focused on evaluating the digital performance of licensing user journeys on UK local authority websites.

The Licensing survey reviewed the ease of completing online applications for ‘temporary event notices’ (TENs) in the UK and ‘occasional licences’ in Scotland. Overall, reviewers rated 54% of Scottish sites and 48% of sites in the rest of the UK as ‘good’ or ‘very good’ for this task. 

Amongst the series of recommendations made, a key finding revealed that council-owned online forms – functionality achieved thanks to Idox’s digital suite of services – play a significant role in making the overall application process for a TEN easier.

According to reviewers, local authorities with their own licensing application – as opposed to those directing citizens to the GOV.UK website for submission – were ‘much easier to use’. Observations identified that this functionality was absent on most authority websites, with a total of only 16% catering for a TEN submission on their own site.

The latest findings reinforce Idox’s support of the Better Connected programme which continues to celebrate digital best practice in local government, while seeking to identify those tangible areas for improvement. Once again, they reveal that citizens and stakeholders really do value any steps that are put into place to speed up and streamline the online licensing process. Idox’s iApply service does exactly this by providing citizens with a single place to complete all common transactions across all local authorities – and by continuing to help councils implement digital smartly, both citizen engagement and operational processes can be significantly improved for the better.

The results of the licensing survey are available to view online. Individual councils can find their results from the council index page here.

Idox will be taking to the Better Connected stage at Connected Local Government Live in June 2017, showcasing its portfolio of solutions available to support digital transformation. Join the team there: 

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