Idox delivers local elections success across Scotland

Idox has once again proven itself as a trusted partner to local authorities across the UK following last week’s local elections. Delivering electoral services to all 32 Scottish councils, the Idox Elections team offered support and expertise via a range of solutions including print services, postal vote management and e-counting software.

Here are just some of the highlights that demonstrate the work involved in delivering the successful Scottish local elections:

  • 2.1 million poll cards printed and dispatched
  • 43,000 ballot books printed and dispatched
  • 773,000 postal packs printed and dispatched
  • All of the above catering for an electorate in Scotland of 4.3 million

These latest local elections provided Idox with a second opportunity to supply an effective e-Counting system to the Scottish Government, with the first completed count announced as Orkney Islands at 9:35am following the 4th May election day, demonstrating the speed and accuracy of utilising such a service. While a manual Single Transferable Vote (STV) count can take days, the Idox eCount software scans ballots in hours and calculations take just minutes.

Idox is a chosen partner to deliver Scottish Local Government elections and by-elections until 2021.

Of course, the Election team’s remit goes beyond local elections – our work in this area has served a voting population of more than 13 million across the UK and overseas for over 23 years.

As the country looks ahead to the 8th June General Election, we look forward to ensuring that our customer base of over 80 local authorities navigate a smooth path to elections success.

Let the countdown begin!

For further information about Idox Elections, please visit the dedicated pages.