Idox delivers eCount success in Glasgow

In a recent local government by-election held in Glasgow, Idox was on hand to provide eCount and Postal Vote Management Services (PVMS).

Scotland adopts the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system, making it possible for the electorate to vote for every candidate in order of preference. This is considerably more complex than the first past the post system where the public votes for just one candidate.

Due to this complexity, manual voting in an STV election can take significantly longer and may delay the declaration of the result. With Idox Elections’ e-Counting solution, scanning ballot papers can be achieved in a fraction of the time of manual counting and calculations take just minutes, improving the accuracy and auditability of results.

Upcoming work for Idox Elections

Off the back of a successful 2016, 2017 is shaping up to be another exciting year for Idox Elections with the delivery of Scottish Local Elections, English Mayoral and County Council Elections.

As a trusted elections supplier in Scotland, we have once again been selected to deliver our eCount solution to all 32 local authorities in the Scottish Local Elections. We will also print and deliver all of the ballot books and postal packs for such elections. In addition, our work will extend to produce and provide over 1 million poll cards, as well as deliver our PVMS solution, to over 50 per cent of Scottish local authorities.

Would you like to find out more about our dedicated elections services?

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