Dutch multinational bank Rabobank helps innovation thrive with Vindsubsidies grant portal

A new grant portal introduced by international financial services provider, Rabobank, has been rolled out to one of its financial advising websites, with the specific aim of helping entrepreneurs identify funding opportunities for innovation, investments, education and international cooperation.

As a global leader in food and agriculture financing and sustainability-oriented banking, Rabobank is the second largest bank in The Netherlands. Through the launch of its new funding portal – developed and implemented by Vindsubsidies and referred to as Rabobank Grant Guide – individuals will be able to quickly and easily search for financial support for their projects, making the tool pivotal in ensuring innovation and creativity can continue to thrive in business.

With entrepreneurs often unaware about the range of funding opportunities available to them, the portal will offer comprehensive information about provincial, national and European funding and grant options. Individuals will also be able to seek support from Vindsubsidies directly should they need additional guidance on their application, significantly maximising their funding potential.

Erik Schapink, Business Development Manager of Vindsubsidies said: “The Rabobank Grant Guide has been created to help entrepreneurs in their search for funding. The portal is a great tool for signalling the alternative financing options available for projects, ensuring innovative ideas can actually get implemented, rather than being halted due to financial challenges. Entrepreneurs can also contact Vindsubsidies to request additional information about grants they’ve found and receive help with their application, improving the chances of grant success.”

The Rabobank Grant Guide (Dutch name: Subsidiewijzer) can be accessed via partnerinfinancieren.nl.

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