Derby Trust to improve patient safety and save up to £1.8m with Idox’s innovative digital technology

A healthcare logistics management platform is to be implemented across Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, allowing hospital staff to make vast improvements in how they manage the storage, tracking and identification of medical records.

Treating over one million patients every year at the Royal Derby Hospital, the rollout of Idox Health’s iFIT™ solution will enable the Trust to automate the manual processes involved in medical records management, boosting both productivity and patient safety. By streamlining the way records are located, stored and managed, savings of up to £1.8m over three years are expected – a significant contribution towards the Trust’s overall cost improvement targets.

The implementation of iFIT™ will see a transition from sequential number filing to location-based filing, a move anticipated to free 20% of shelf space at Royal Derby Hospital’s main library. This improved utilisation of estate space will allow the Trust to close an excess records library located at its London Road Community Hospital site, and release it for clinical use instead.

Darren Riley, Deputy Director of Finance at Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said “With the multiple challenges Trusts now face, maintaining service during a period of increased demand whilst at the same time saving money is a delicate balance. The introduction of iFIT ticks both of these boxes. It enables savings out of the box, frees up capacity for other uses and acts as a platform for further downstream projects.”

The Trust will also benefit from the provision of crucial support for its e-Casenote digitisation programme, including tracking ability for forward scanning folders, as well as alerts when these folders fail to return back from clinical areas. This functionality will significantly improve information governance compliance, patient outcomes and most of all, patient safety.

As the first in the country to use GS1 barcodes, the Trust is one of only six NHS GS1 demonstrator sites using GS1 standards to make a real difference to patient safety and drive cost improvements.

Glen Hodgson, Head of Healthcare at GS1 UK said “Idox Health are a valued Solution Associate and we're delighted to see the roll out of their GS1 compliant iFIT platform at Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. We look forward to our continued work with them as part of our programme to support the NHS in increasing patient safety, clinical effectiveness and operational efficiencies.”

For further information on Idox Health’s iFIT™ platform, please visit our dedicated online pages.