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Address data solutions for emergency services

Transformative, feature-rich Gazetteer Management System and complementary solutions for cleansing, maintaining and sharing British Standard BS7666 address data.

Transformative, feature-rich Gazetteer Management
System and complementary solutions for cleansing,
maintaining and sharing British Standard BS7666 address data.

Emergency services face considerable challenges in maintaining and sharing accurate address data:

How Idox’s Address Data Solutions can help you:

Advanced address data solutions for managing and sharing the most up-to-date address data

Our software built on the Aligned Assets platform provides a cutting-edge Gazetteer Management System (GMS) to utilise, share and enhance AddressBase Premium address data. Used by more than half of emergency services in Great Britain, its advanced technology is easy to use, driving efficiency and productivity.

Creating local-only records

Creating local-only records

Unlike other Gazetteer Management Systems, you can create local-only address records complete with Unique Property Reference Numbers (UPRN) and Unique Street Reference Numbers (USRN), such as alternative names, roads not captured within station grounds or ancillary buildings, enabling faster deployment to a precise location unavailable in AddressBase Premium.

Going beyond gazetteer management

Our GMS seamlessly integrates with our complementary software products, elevating your address data solutions with features such as matching and cleansing, incorporating non-British Standard BS7666 data to be stored alongside existing addresses, and harnessing robust APIs for rapid, accurate address lookups.

Going beyond address management
Continuous product development

Continuous product development

Our solutions are fully up-to-date with changes in technology and data standards, including Ordnance Survey’s forthcoming National Geographic Database (NGD) and the Emergency Services Gazetteer (ESG).

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Our address data solutions enable efficient management, sharing and enhancement of your address data:

Choose one or several of the following products depending on your requirements:

Drive efficiency and better manage your address data with our Bluelight Gazetteer Management System

Gazetteer Management System for AddressBase Premium data


Store, maintain and share your accurate AddressBase Premium address data, complete with UPRNs, USRNs and coordinates for viewing on a map.

Cleanse your address data by matching against AddressBase Premium or your LLPG to deliver exceptional accuracy at unparalleled speed

Matching and cleansing


Match disparate address datasets against AddressBase Premium data in your GMS, ensuring accuracy, consistency and the ability to link location data.

Robust address-search APIs for accurate, consistent address lookups across the entire organisation

Address search APIs

Symphony Search

Allow third-party systems to search for an accurate address from your GMS via our APIs.

Share your British Standard address data with your operational systems to ensure consistency and accuracy

Data sharing


Share your accurate address data with other departmental systems and users direct from the GMS, ensuring consistency across the entire emergency service. Requires Bluelight GMS.

Enrich your address data with industry-specific information for a more comprehensive location overview

Adding location intelligence

Xtended Data Manager (XDM)

Add extra data to a land or property record that’s not included in the British Standard BS7666 format, such as risk information. Requires Bluelight GMS.

Centrally organise your location and spatial data from different systems and share tailored versions with any user

Centralising location and spatial data

Location Manager

Organise all your location and spatial data from different systems in one place so you can publish tailored versions in any format to any user e.g., beat areas. Requires Bluelight GMS.

With access to expert consultants, trainers and an ongoing support team, you can rest assured your transition to our solution will be seamless.

Consultancy, training and support

Our British Standard BS7666 experts provide advice, specifications, proposals, project management, training and ongoing support for all your gazetteer needs.


“Unlike our previous gazetteer, Idox’s Bluelight GMS has enabled integration with other systems, eg our premise risk management system, ensuring all our systems have access to a single accurate, set of address data. From an analytical perspective, using a single address through multiple systems allows analysis to be more efficient and reliable.”

Matthew Ella, Gazetteer & GIS Technician, Buckinghamshire FRS.

“Idox worked with us to develop the capability of adding virtual street-segments to our Bluelight Gazetteer Management System. Having this consistent, named and SFRS-coded virtual street segment data shared across the three control hubs ensures we get the nearest appliances to the incident quickly.”

Lynn Oliver, Gazetteer Watch Commander Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

“London Fire Brigade’s corporate gazetteer underpins everything we do, so it was critical to identify an advanced and feature-rich gazetteer management system to replace Esri’s soon-to-be-retired LocatorHub. We’ve been working closely with Idox to tailor the GMS to meet our vast and complex requirements and look forward to our imminent full migration.”

Richard Jebb , Corporate Gazetteer & Mobile Data Manager London Fire Brigade.

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