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Address Data Solutions

Cutting-edge address data solutions designed for matching, maintaining, integrating and sharing the most up-to-date and accurate address data available

Cutting-edge address data solutions designed
for matching, maintaining, integrating and sharing
the most up-to-date and accurate address data available

Accurate address data is essential for efficient customer service in many organisations and businesses. However, with 2.7M address changes in the UK every six weeks creating manual updates to customer records across multiple systems, maintaining data accuracy is a major headache for complex organisations. Our market-leading address data solutions, built on the Aligned Assets platform, are designed to address that challenge, enabling you to create, consolidate and share the most up-to-date, accurate address data in the British Standard for addressing, BS7666.

How Idox’s Address Data Solutions can help you:

Efficient, feature-rich address data solutions for creating, maintaining and sharing address data in the British Standard BS7666.

Solutions for local authorities

Cutting-edge Gazetteer Management System (GMS) for creating, managing and sharing the Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG) and Local Street Gazetteer (LSG) more efficiently.

Emergency services face considerable challenges in maintaining and sharing accurate address data

Solutions for emergency services

Reduce response times and drive efficiency with our Gazetteer Management System (GMS) and complementary software products that utilise and enhance the most up-to-date location data available, AddressBase Premium.

Manage your address data more efficiently with our feature-rich Address Management System, Bluelight

Solutions for utilities

Provide a single source of the most up-to-date address data, AddressBase Premium, complete with UPRNs for more efficient service delivery, maintenance and accurate billing.

Formal, structured address creation and management for countries outside the UK

Solutions for countries outside GB

Enables nations and regions outside GB to formally name and number streets and properties and store them in a central repository for easy management.

Our suite of Address Data Solutions

Developed and refined over 27 years, our comprehensive portfolio of address data products is simple to use and can be tailored to suit your needs.

Our suite of Address Data Solutions
With access to expert consultants, trainers and an ongoing support team, you can rest assured your transition to our solution will be seamless.

Consultancy, training and support services

Our Address Data Solutions BS7666 experts will provide advice, specifications, proposals, project management, training and ongoing support for all your address management needs.


“Through using Idox’s address data solutions, we’ve been able to link the UDPRN and UPRN, enabling us to completely remove the potential for erroneous transfers.”

Farouk Alhassan, Senapt Ltd.

“Working with Idox on the development of FindMyAddress was a great experience. We embraced a truly collaborative approach and worked closely on all aspects of the project from its initial design all the way through to go-live. The project team hit the project with high energy, momentum and enthusiasm and were extremely responsive throughout – it’s been a great pleasure working with them.”

Luke Studden, Data Acquisition and Integration Manager, GeoPlace.

“Idox worked with us to develop the capability of adding virtual street-segments to our Bluelight Gazetteer Management System. Having this consistent, named and SFRS-coded virtual street segment data shared across the three control hubs ensures we get the nearest appliances to the incident quickly.”

Lynn Oliver, Gazetteer Watch Commander Fire and Rescue Service.

“Now we are utilising Idox’s cloud-based gazetteer management system for our LLPG, our IT infrastructure costs and maintenance overheads have been significantly reduced, enabling us to make our budgets work harder to deliver improved services for our residents.”

Rakesh Kumar, Spatial Services Manager, Cherwell District Council.

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Cherwell District Council

Meeting clearly defined, cloud-first goals by migrating to Idox Cloud and Idox’s hosted iManage Gazetteer Management System for the LLPG.

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