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Address Data Solutions for the Emergency Services

Reduce response times and improve efficiency by having the most accurate data.

Reduce response times and improve efficiency
by having the most accurate data.

Optimising your address data to maximise efficiency and reduce response times

Emergency services play a vital role in serving and protecting our communities, operating under constant pressure to get to people in distress quickly. Consequently, operators must have the tools in place to rapidly search and identify addresses with the confidence that the data is accurate and fully up to date. A timesaving, feature-rich address data solution to access, maintain and share accurate address data can support the emergency services to deliver a more efficient and effective service to the public.

Through our Aligned Assets platform for address cleansing and management, we provide cutting-edge solutions to more than half the emergency services in Great Britain, enabling the use of AddressBase Premium, the most up-to-date and accurate address data available. By utilising Unique Property Reference Numbers (UPRNs) and geo coordinates, you can be sure of pinpoint accuracy to any location – ensuring reduced response times and potentially saving more lives. In addition, you can create your own local properties, providing location information for known fire risk or crime spots not recorded on AddressBase Premium.

We also offer software for high-speed matching and cleansing, sub-second predictive searching and location-based augmented reality – all of which can be implemented on-site or hosted in the cloud, saving you infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Address data software includes

AddressBase Premium Gazetteer

Our AddressBase Premium gazetteer enables you to store, maintain and share your accurate British Standard address data, complete with UPRNs.

Matching and Cleansing

Our matching and cleansing solution will match any address data with that in the AddressBase Premium gazetteer ensuring accuracy, consistency and the ability to link data through the UPRNs.

Address Search

Fast, predictive address search from your browser, desktop or mobile phone, that’s secure, scalable and resilient.


“Unlike our previous gazetteer, the Aligned Assets’ gazetteer has enabled integration with other systems, e.g. our premise risk management system, ensuring all our systems have access to a single accurate, set of address data; therefore allowing a single truth throughout the organisation. From an analytical perspective, using a single address through multiple systems allows analysis to be more efficient and reliable.”

Matthew Ella, Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service

“Since enhancing our Aligned Assets gazetteer with their 118 Business Names module, we’ve seen a more accurate identification of business addresses for our 999 call handlers and operation crews. This has led to an average reduction in Business Incidents’ attendance times of 30 seconds – and that can mean the difference between life and death.”

Stuart King, NFSP / Dorset and Wiltshire Fire

“Using Aligned Assets’ AddressBase Premium gazetteer, which allows six-weekly updates, has greatly reduced the time and effort spent manually processing records, therefore allowing us to spread our resources across the department in a more efficient manner.”

Richard Moss, Interim GIS Manager at British Transport Police

“To drive quicker deployment of fire crews on our vast network of highways, we needed to be able to segment our rapid transit routes into easily identifiable sections on our Bluelight gazetteer (Aligned Assets platform). Idox worked with us to develop this capability enabling consistent, named and SFRS-coded virtual street segment data to be shared across the three control hubs, ensuring we get the nearest appliances to the incident, in the quickest time possible.”

Lynn Oliver, Gazetteer Watch Commander, Scotland Fire & Rescue service (SFRS)

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