Our proven Digital Platform facilitates end-to-end transformation across core service areas, optimising customer journeys and delivering benefits for both councils and their citizens.

Our customers trust us to provide intelligent digital technology that supports leaner working, smarter operations and easier engagement – bridging the gap between limited resources, increased demand and growing online expectations. With a complete package of software and services, we’re helping local authorities across the UK achieve true digital and process transformation.

The Idox approach to digital is centred on an understanding that each local authority is different – that’s why we’ve been successfully delivering bespoke solutions for over three decades.

Consulting with your authority, we understand your goals and pain points to deliver a comprehensive and tailored digital strategy – calling upon wider Idox solutions to target and deliver on individual outcomes. We consider the people as much as the technology and know that understanding your organisation’s culture and mindset is key to unlocking a fully-sustainable, digital future.

Our experience spans core service areas including Planning, Licensing, Building Control, Environmental Health and much more, driving digital support at every internal and external touchpoint to offer a truly sustainable citizen and council-led solution.

Providing a foolproof, digital future

Our back-office software fully integrates with our front-end, public-facing services to provide a simple, intuitive and automated platform that supports core local authority processes, along with enhanced citizen engagement.

The Idox Digital Platform includes proven back-office software:

  • Uniform – Stores and processes all departmental data in a single, central database
  • Enterprise – Efficiently navigates the officer through their administration duties and workflow processes
  • Public Access – Extends Uniform to the web providing real-time, tailored information directly to applicants, authorities and the public

Our front-end services provide multi-channel digital solutions:

Provide a consistent and customisable form experience across multiple journeys, guiding citizens through the process to ensure swift submissions.

Allow citizens to make online bookings for a number of services, with an easy-to-use ‘appointment scheduling’ interface that supports 24/7, self service.

Keep citizens continually informed about the status of any submitted applications via customised and automated emails, triggered at key points of the process.

Read about our Digital Planning Notifications solution.

Support mobile working in your team, allowing inspections to be completed on site via a dedicated suite of role-based apps including Planning Enforcement, Licensing Enforcement and Building Inspections.

Click here to read more about the Idox OnSite App suite.

Create a smooth, consistent online experience, supporting channel shift and delivering something that matches your user expectations to achieve stronger citizen satisfaction.

Contact us about how we can help you provide end-to-end online journeys. 

Idox Digital Platform_Infinity Loop

Visualising the 'two perspectives'

We understand that there are two perspectives to digital transformation, which is why we support customer journeys from both sides – yours and your customers’.

  • Your customers can apply, book and progress requests with a self-service, seamless and consistent online experience
  • Your authority can receive, process and action such requests effectively, automating and reducing back-office administration tasks

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Key features and benefits

  • Fully-digitised platform that supports channel shift at all stages and adopts automation to reduce administrative efforts
  • Flexible suite of services that support multiple citizen journeys and optimise efficiencies for your staff
  • Full integration, maximising solution performance across the board
  • Ability to service any customer journey, irrespective of the back office
  • Drives citizen self-service, with availability 24/7 via trusted, robust software
  • Secure digital environment with all services available to purchase under G-Cloud                

Case study: Cheltenham Borough Council

Transformation that delivers real results: Cheltenham's digital success story with Idox


Powering transformation

Braintree District Council describes how a 20-year partnership with Idox has driven a process evolution

Sam Palmer, Gedling Council:

"Within 4 months of the launch of our landlord licensing scheme, we've received 69% of the anticipated licence applications. The Idox HMO form has been easily accessible to landlords online and has saved countless hours in processing payments and storing and filing applications."

Idox Facts and Figures:

The Idox Digital Platform processes over 3,000 online transactions monthly and is growing at a rate of 20% each month

Transforming tomorrow, today

Reviewing digital transformation in local gov now, and anticipating the future

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