Aspire Defence Capital Works (ADCW)
FusionLive helps ADCW optimise its document management to increase operational effectiveness, productivity and reduce cost

FusionLive allows us to control document access by various stakeholders, thereby providing improved management of sensitive documents. The system also leaves an audit trail of who has viewed a document, when it was accessed, and how it may have been modified.

Annette Pomery
Project Control Manager
Aspire Defence Capital Works


Building contractor delivering working accommodation for the British Army

ADCW, part of KBR Aspire Defence, is responsible for one of the largest construction contracts in the UK. Formed in 2006, it is the building contractor responsible for delivering new and refurbished living and working accommodation for the British Army across Salisbury Plain and Aldershot. Its operations form a part of the Project Allenby Connaught (PAC) contract, one of the largest private finance initiatives ever led by the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

Following a decade of successful delivery, Aspire Defence embarked on a new phase of development in 2016 to support the Army Basing Programme (ABP) – the withdrawal of British troops from Germany in 2019 and unit moves within the UK.


Efficient data management and driving productivity for a large-scale project

Tasked with such a complex undertaking, ADCW needed to efficiently manage enormous volumes of data at different stages of the projects, as well as drive productivity through better collaboration and data storage methods. In the beginning, the company did not have a system in place to manage the vast number of documents produced while executing the large-scale project. Besides, its only method of correspondence to share documents was via its Local Area Network (LAN) and email, which slowed the process considerably.

To eliminate the mountain of paper and the complexity and risk that accompanies it, ADCW wanted to replace its manual processes and workflows with a digital solution that could help store, share, review and retrieve project collateral in a more effective way – at the click of a button.


Transforming document management to accelerate efficiency in project execution

After a thorough review of document management systems available in the market, ADCW decided to implement Idox’s FusionLive to support the delivery of a multitude of projects for its client. FusionLive is a versatile and secure cloud-based Engineering Information Management (EIM) solution that employs intelligent automation, tag extraction, best practice document controls, out-of-the-box workflows and customised dashboards to accelerate efficiency in project execution. Designed to transform the way documents are handled and controlled, the software enables mitigation of document version errors, and speeds up productivity by avoiding duplication of tasks and content. According to Annette Pomery, Project Control Manager at ADCW, “We chose FusionLive because the software is user-friendly. Established workflows meant we could choose the configurations we wanted and customise the product according to our project requirements, whereas a lot of other products weren’t customisable for our needs. FusionLive is also equipped with a secure folder system which we needed for better control over sensitive documents, so access to files can be controlled at the folder level for different groups or individuals.”


Improved consistency, collaboration and communication with an optimised document management system

Deploying FusionLive has helped ADCW drive consistency, collaboration and communication throughout the duration of this large-scale, complex project for the MoD. “For the design side of the business, we use FusionLive for its document management and process management capabilities to provide more consistency, control and visibility around project data. We use the system for Request for Information (RFI), scheme design reports, approvals as well as all our correspondence with subcontractors and the client. We also upload drawings in the system through various stages – from information gathering to construction. Overall, implementing FusionLive has made document management easier and more convenient for us.” Annette explains.

FusionLive facilitates the ability to upload, view and amend documentation via one single, web-based repository – enabling architects, designers, and subcontractors, irrespective of location, to store, share and manage documents and drawings centrally. “With all information related to a project in one place, managers can make more informed decisions and identify potential bottlenecks early to avoid delays. The ability to share documents significantly improves the flow of information and ensures coordination at every stage – essential for a project involving 535 assets, twenty internal design and build contractor teams, and eight levels of approval and comment,” she adds.

As a building contractor document security is critical for ADCW. “FusionLive allows us to control document access by various stakeholders, thereby providing improved management of sensitive documents. The system also leaves an audit trail of who has viewed a document, when it was accessed, and how it may have been modified,” says Annette.

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