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Driving secure data storage and efficient management of more than 200,000 engineering documents


Rolling out a document management solution at pace

After their purchase of the Palliser Block in Alberta, Canada – an area with approximately 800,000 acres of oil and gas development rights
– Torxen Energy needed to act fast to find a document management solution that could be rolled out quickly to help them store and manage the thousands of inherited documents associated with the asset.

Given the significant increase in data volume, the company’s existing drawing management system was not sophisticated enough to offer the tracking and retrieval functionality required. The team were using a folder on a shared drive, which meant the checking, verification and monitoring of documents was uncontrolled, and operated without any coordinated revision-tracking procedures in place.

In addition, as all drawings are required to match the as-built asset, if items were deemed missing or irretrievable, the team needed to undertake a site visit to re-create them – a significant drain on resource, time and money that could be avoided by implementing a more sophisticated data storage solution.

Using the Idox system has given us a 20% increase on the number of documents we can process, quality control check and load into the system in a day. Its simplicity and flexibility has completely changed our ways of working for the better.

Tim Houston
Document Control Lead,
Torxen Energy


A robust, cloud-based solution from Idox for timely tracking and improved visibility

Recognising their extensive experience in rapidly implementing systems, Torxen Energy partnered with Idox to provide a cloud-based document management system, as well as data migration support.

A key benefit of the Idox system is its ability to function out-of-the-box, delivering to the Torxen team a timely, simple and reliable solution that was already configured to help them hit the ground running.

Providing quick search functionality, as well as the ability to view granular detail associated with each drawing, the solution has delivered greater visibility and document control on a large scale.

Ian Gabouda, Facilities Engineer from Torxen Energy said: “Although we had an internal drawing management system, it was inconsistent and unable to cope with the volume we were working with.

“We can now search all our technical drawings for up to 20,000 different locations, making them a lot more accessible and retrievable, which is essential for compliance and audit purposes. The visibility and control we now have over documentation have also made a huge difference, as it allows us to pinpoint the status of drawings and who they’re currently with.”

Benefits at-a-glance:
Timely, simple and reliable solution, available out-of-the-box

  • Fast implementation – system up and running and documents migrated within three months
  • Cloud-based solution supports on-the-move working and reduces unnecessary infrastructure
  • Time-saving, improved productivity and greater visibility
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements and tighter document control
  • Quick training to onboard users


More than 200,000 documents migrated, easily accessible and retrievable in the future

In just three months, Torxen Energy had a fully-functioning document management system able to support data management across 20,000 locations – underlining the pace of the rollout. As part of the project, the Idox team also led the successful migration of more than 200,000 engineering documents.

In addition to time savings, the system has helped the team maximize productivity and work in a more streamlined, coordinated manner.

Ian continues: “There is greater accountability now – we can monitor who is in possession of the latest drawings and when they retrieved them, which combined, allows us to manage EPC contracts more effectively. As the solution is cloud-based, we have the flexibility to access data from any computer, which is pivotal in supporting on-the-move working. It’s also helped to minimise unnecessary visits to site due to missing as-built drawings – when each drawing alone costs up to $1,000 to produce, the savings are significant.

“From a partnership point of view, there was excellent communication and collaboration with the Idox team throughout. As they already had good knowledge of the inherited data and a deep understanding of our processes, it laid the right foundations to deliver the successful outcomes we were hoping for.”

Given the success of the implementation, Torxen Energy is already considering scaling the system to accommodate different document types, such as technical and procedural information – a move that will grant greater flexibility to operational staff who need access to specifications while on site.

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