Arion Blue
Supporting team expansion and improving collaboration with FusionLive


Identifying a flexible, yet robust document management solution

Arion Blue LLC (Arion) is a full service, multidiscipline engineering, procurement and construction company, supporting oil and gas customers across America. As a relatively new but rapidly expanding company, the team needed to rollout a robust and reliable document management system at pace, so it could service its clients efficiently.

A key requirement for the team was finding a solution that was easy to implement – rather than using valuable staff time configuring it and then learning how to use it.

We needed an out-of-the-box solution that could be up and running in a matter of weeks, while maintaining the flexibility to configure the application to meet our project needs.

James Wilson
Project Information Manager,
Arion Blue


Rolling out at pace to support company growth

After researching different options, Arion selected Idox’s FusionLive, a cloud-based document management system. As an experienced provider of document management solutions and services to the engineering sector, the team’s knowledge and track record meant they were the ideal provider to lead on the project.

FusionLive delivers a secure document management solution for all project information, providing an easier way to collaborate and share documents between Arion colleagues, clients, vendors and suppliers. As the geographical spread of the company’s users is wide, having a single touchpoint for all documentation is essential to ensure both accuracy and safety.

Robert Henry from Arion added: “In our industry, the final drawings and documents produced are vital. To be able to manage those, while meeting our own needs and our clients’ requirements – without redesigning the system each time – is a great benefit.

“We also like the fact there is nothing to install on our computers – a simple login and you’re in, which keeps it straightforward, swift and easy to rollout to our users.”

By implementing FusionLive, team members can now work remotely with confidence, knowing they have access to the latest version of a drawing – supporting more efficient, accurate workflows.

Feedback from customers and contractors has been very positive – they like the ease of access and prefer its folder-based structure compared to solutions they’ve used previously.

James Wilson
Project Information Manager,
Arion Blue


Thousands of documents managed and hundreds of users across America

In just a matter of weeks, the document management system was up and running and fully integrated, supporting the management of active projects for large clients including Anadarko. As such, the product’s rollout has been pivotal to Arion’s expansion, with the team able to double in headcount just three months after going live. The web services provided by FusionLive were instrumental in allowing Arion to extract information for reporting and data needs for the clients.

Already, the company has close to 30,000 documents managed in the system over dozens of individual projects. These projects include a combined total of over 200 internal and external users accessing files and activities remotely.

“There’s functionality we’re looking to expand, including tag extraction and tag to document relationships. The current ability to quickly export data out of the system for customers offers a big advantage. FusionLive’s ability to send documents directly to external parties is really important to us. This ability accelerates the review process by allowing information to be shared securely and in a fully auditable manner.”

By using a system transmittal, documents can still be sent to clients without direct access to FusionLive, eliminating the issue of file size limits and ensuring streamlined, reliable communication.

“We have a great relationship with the Idox team, so we’re looking forward to working with them on the product’s future development and its expanding role within our company.”