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Accurate & Reliable Address Search Software

Ensure your address data searches are fast and reliable, with pinpoint accuracy

Ensure your address data searches are
fast and reliable, with pinpoint accuracy

Robust, scalable and accurate address searching

Unreliable or low-quality address data costs time and money. So, when you’re looking up hundreds of addresses a day, you need a solution that’s accurate, fast and resilient. Whether you’re deploying emergency services from command and control, sending engineers out on repair works or maximising daily parcel deliveries, it’s paramount that your address search system is robust, scalable and suitable for mission-critical scenarios.

Hosted in the cloud or from your mobile device, our address search solution (Aligned Assets platform) uses state-of-the-art technology making it fast, reliable and secure.

Key functionality


Enables multiple users to run hundreds of searches per second

Provides audit tracking of searches

Highly secure, preventing hacking and denial of service attacks

Drives efficiency through pinpoint address data accuracy


“We’re delighted to partner with Aligned Assets, using their software to enable the Centralised Switching Service to match and update addresses against the most accurate addressing system available, Ordnance Survey’s AddressBase Premium.”

Chris Brackley, Managing Director of Landmark Solutions, Landmark Information Group

“Through using the Aligned Assets solutions, we’ve been able to link the UDPRN and UPRN, enabling us to completely remove the potential for erroneous transfers. In addition, we’re now uniquely positioned to leverage the upcoming next-day switching project which is being underpinned by Aligned Assets technology.”

Farouk Alhassan, Senapt Ltd

“We embraced a truly collaborative approach and worked closely on all aspects of the project from its initial design all the way through to go-live. The Aligned Assets team hit the project with high energy, momentum and enthusiasm and were extremely responsive throughout – it’s been a great pleasure working with them.”

Luke Studden, GeoPlace

“To manage our extensive ward boundary changes, using the Aligned Assets solutions for matching and cleansing, managing the LLPG and sharing the updates across the organisation, made what could have been a huge administrative task so much easier and more time-efficient.”

Martin Laker, Bath and NE Somerset Council

“Since enhancing our Aligned Assets gazetteer with their 118 Business Names module, we’ve seen a more accurate identification of business addresses for our 999 call handlers and operation crews. This has led to an average reduction in Business Incidents’ attendance times of 30 seconds – and that can mean the difference between life and death.”

Stuart King, NFSP / Dorset and Wiltshire Fire

“Using Aligned Assets’ AddressBase Premium gazetteer, which allows six-weekly updates, has greatly reduced the time and effort spent manually processing records, therefore allowing us to spread our resources across the department in a more efficient manner.”

Richard Moss, Interim GIS Manager at British Transport Police

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