Maximising productivity and collaboration in an industry where time is money.

Through our network of specialists, we provide leading digital and information technologies to help drive profitability, streamline processes and increase the efficiency of projects across the engineering sector.

For more than 25 years, we have helped Owner Operators and EPCs in asset-intensive industries worldwide take on engineering document management challenges regardless of size or scope.

Our dedicated engineering information management team focuses on delivering collaborative document management and control, project performance insight and digital commissioning for complex engineering and large capital projects. We work closely with Owner Operators and EPCs, helping to reduce costs and increase efficiency, while maintaining regulatory compliance and improving safety.

We understand that each organisation is different, so our solutions are deployed in the cloud, on premise, or in a hybrid model to support your preferred way of working with your business-critical information. Our solutions provide a single source-of-truth for all your engineering content – P&IDs, drawings, vendor documents, safety manuals and more – throughout the asset lifecycle.

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Case study: Canadian Natural

Enhancing safety with a bespoke maintenance work order solution


Smart document management: Helping EPCs and Owner Operators anticipate project rework and delays

Supporting the engineering sector

Idox's Opidis pioneers engineering information management solutions that reduce costs, streamline operations and boost collaboration.

Idox Facts and Figures

Over 5 million barrels of oil per day produced across global oil and gas assets are managed with Idox solutions

Idox Facts and Figures

Our solutions manage ¼ Petabyte of production data. We also receive 1.5 million hits per day across our apps

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