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Engineering Information. Managed.

FusionLive is a secure cloud-based Engineering Information Management
solution designed to ensure the accuracy and integrity of information,
drive project collaboration and increase the efficiency of complex capital
project execution.

A versatile and secure cloud-based solution

FusionLive employs intelligent automation, tag extraction, best practice document controls, out-of-the box workflows and customized dashboards.

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Single shared environment

  • Secure cloud platform
  • Supports collaboration
  • Allows all parties to share a common view of the project

Proven document controls and workflows

  • Best of breed document controls
  • Out-of-the box workflows
  • Supports verification of information and reduces risk

Automated tag extraction

  • Enables rapid retrieval of relevant information
  • Supports creation of accurate master document and tag register
  • Avoids costly delay at handover

Custom project dashboards

  • Facilitates analysis, monitoring and control of all parties
  • Empowers project managers to be proactive

Automated processes

  • Enables faster review and document turnaround
  • Simplifies vendor submissions
  • Supports faster response to requests for information


Support services

  • Consultancy and project support
  • Training for end users, document controllers and administrators
  • Expert insight and best practice advice


Find out how getting the right information to the right people at the right time can inform better decision making and drive productivity.

“Using FusionLive has given us a 20% increase on the number of documents we can process, quality control check and load into the system in a day. Its simplicity and flexibility has completely changed our ways of working for the better.”
“Every client is different and every project manager is different. We can create templates and functionality to meet the customized needs of each project team. The Idox technical support team has also been a real asset in providing information to assist in configuring the software to meet Wood’s varied project requirements. The tech support team is made up of consultants and field applications engineers with background in our industry – they understand the real world.”
“In our experience Idox has excellent customer service and user support. The solution is very convenient for an owner that has multiple jobs in progress with different contractors.”

Six Steps to increase your engineering document control efficiency

Smart document management:
Helping EPCs and owner operators anticipate project rework and delays

Taking digital to the engineering sphere:
How can EPCs and owner operators accelerate tech transformation?

Collaboration, confidence and control during plant turnaround projects

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FusionLive is an Idox solution. Idox is committed to user-centered innovation and the design of software solutions that empower managers to do more.