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Address Data Matching and Cleansing for Utility Providers

Refine your address data with exceptional accuracy achieved at unparalleled speed

Refine your address data with
exceptional accuracy achieved
at unparalleled speed

Match and cleanse your address data against AddressBase Premium

When you’re holding large volumes of addresses in different formats across multiple systems, there’s plenty of scope for error. Combined with the inconsistencies caused by manual input, plus millions of address changes in Great Britain every six weeks, it’s clear to see how address data can rapidly become out of date.

Clean and accurate address data is the foundation for efficient service delivery and maximised revenue through correct billing. Our matching and cleansing solution, using the Aligned Assets platform, will transform your address data driving more effective business processes, saving you time while increasing your revenue.

Our solution matches your address data against the most accurate, up-to-date data set available, AddressBase Premium. By allocating Unique Property Reference Numbers (UPRNs) to the addresses on your source dataset, you can easily verify and link your data, as well as match your meters to the right addresses. It will also assign the geo coordinates providing pinpoint precision of the location, unlike the ambiguity of postcodes, and allowing your data to be viewed on a map.

With a simple interface, the software is easy to configure and effortless to use – showing the matching status of each record that’s processed.

Key functionality


Increase administrative efficiency

Increase revenue through accurate billing

Reduce risk of fraudulent use of utilities

Save field staff time

Enable fast and accurate switching


“We’re delighted to partner with Aligned Assets, using their software to enable the Centralised Switching Service to match and update addresses against the most accurate addressing system available, Ordnance Survey’s AddressBase Premium.”

Chris Brackley, Managing Director of Landmark Solutions, Landmark Information Group

“Through using the Aligned Assets solutions, we’ve been able to link the UDPRN and UPRN, enabling us to completely remove the potential for erroneous transfers. In addition, we’re now uniquely positioned to leverage the upcoming next-day switching project which is being underpinned by Aligned Assets technology.”

Farouk Alhassan, Senapt Ltd

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Are you ready for next-day switching?

With next-day switching on the horizon, you’ll need to make sure your address data is reconciled and clean.