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Address Search Solutions for Emergency Services

Supporting emergency services with fast, accurate, reliable and secure address search across Great Britain

Supporting emergency services with fast,
accurate, reliable and secure address
search across Great Britain

Address search made quick and easy 

In emergency services, time can cost lives. Therefore, finding the right address quickly is critical. Our address search solution (Aligned Assets platform) uses state-of-the-art technology making address searches from your operational system or browser fast, accurate and reliable. Our sub-second predictive search solution is essential for any Command and Control, be it for police, fire service or ambulance. 

Enriched with all the historical and alternate addresses linked to a particular address, our solution allows you to pinpoint the correct location – even if a member of the public has called in an incomplete or old address. As the solution is hosted, the AddressBase Premium updates occur seamlessly, allowing you the continuity of an undisrupted service.

Key functionality


Enables multiple users to run hundreds of searches per second

Provides audit tracking of searches

Highly secure, prevents hacking and denial of service attacks

Drives efficiency


“Unlike our previous gazetteer, the Aligned Assets’ gazetteer has enabled integration with other systems, e.g. our premise risk management system, ensuring all our systems have access to a single accurate, set of address data; therefore allowing a single truth throughout the organisation. From an analytical perspective, using a single address through multiple systems allows analysis to be more efficient and reliable.”

Matthew Ella, Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service

“Since enhancing our Aligned Assets gazetteer with their 118 Business Names module, we’ve seen a more accurate identification of business addresses for our 999 call handlers and operation crews. This has led to an average reduction in Business Incidents’ attendance times of 30 seconds – and that can mean the difference between life and death.”

Stuart King, NFSP / Dorset and Wiltshire Fire

“Using Aligned Assets’ AddressBase Premium gazetteer, which allows six-weekly updates, has greatly reduced the time and effort spent manually processing records, therefore allowing us to spread our resources across the department in a more efficient manner.”

Richard Moss, Interim GIS Manager at British Transport Police

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