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Experienced Hires

If you are an individual interested in joining any part the Idox group business as an experienced hire (see also Graduate entry information). We welcome candidates who understand software sales and development from the perspective of a vendor, but we also particularly value knowledgeable candidates who understand our customers’ viewpoint – strategic analysis, procurement and implementation. Client facing experience in a professional services environment is also very useful.

Please submit a CV and a short cover letter, including salary expectations and current remunerations, explaining why this role would be suitable for you and the positive qualities you can bring to Idox.

It would be helpful if you can include information on the following:

  • Transferable skills - Technical (e.g. IT, software tools), Commercial (e.g.Sales), Operational Hires (e.g. Leadership, Finance, HR)
  • Domain Knowledge – please mention any specialist Client segment expertise (e.g. Corporate, Architecture, Engineering, Local Government, Sports & Leisure, Transport, Universities)
  • Examples of your relevant work, showcasing your best attributes
  • Please state clearly whether you are interested in a permanent post, in temporary contracts or both.

Please make sure to include full contact details including postal address, personal email address and phone number.

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