Idox’s Digital Platform transforms HMO licensing processes ahead of legislation change

Following the Government’s decision to revoke a six-month ‘grace period’ for the extension of Mandatory HMO licensing, Idox has confirmed its continued support to local authorities in the build-up to the new legislation.

Subject to Parliamentary approval, the announcement to extend Mandatory HMO licensing is expected to bring an additional 160,000 Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) properties across England into the HMO licensing remit from October 2018. This comes two years after the Government first consulted on the issue.

Landlords who fail to apply for required licences by 1st October 2018 will be committing a criminal offence from this date, leaving local authorities with a duty to raise awareness and support compliance both quickly and effectively. They will also be required to ensure their software and processes are equipped to cope with the additional licence applications expected in advance of the changes being enforced.

Councils nationwide – including the London Boroughs of Bexley, Lambeth and Barnet, Bath, Gedling and Newport (Wales) – are already investing in Idox’s Digital Platform for Licensing, which automates key processes to reduce administrative efforts for councils, and supports channel shift for an enhanced, online customer journey for the citizen.

As a flexible, cost-effective solution, the Platform allows local authorities to seamlessly manage increased demand in their areas with back office software that fully integrates with all citizen self-service screens. Such efficiency frees up officer time to focus on other work priorities, and reduces unnecessary communication by providing an automated, tracked channel of communication to licence applicants.

For HMO specifically, multiple schemes are supported such as Mandatory, Selective and Additional licensing to deliver time, resource and cost management savings across the spectrum.

Scalable for authorities of all sizes, the Digital Platform can also be flexed to service multiple local authority departments including Planning and Building Control.

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  • The Government’s official HMO announcement can be viewed here