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Public policy database

The Knowledge Exchange empowers users to access the information and intelligence crucial for informed decision-making, continuous learning, and professional success. With our online public policy database and our ability to offer a fully outsourced library service, we streamline access to comprehensive resources tailored to your field.

Comprehensive public policy resource

Our extensive policy database covers all areas of public and social policy, including housing, education, the environment, health and social services, economic development, planning, transport and much more. Examples of some of the policy areas covered are:

Digital and technology policy

  • Online safety and data protection
  • Digital infrastructure and broadband rollout
  • Smart cities and the impact of AI

Economy and finance policy

  • Inflation and cost of living crisis
  • Inclusive growth and productivity
  • Taxation and public spending

Education and skills policy

  • Early years and parenting
  • Qualifications and education reform
  • Adult skills and vocational education

Employment and welfare policy

  • Labour market and unemployment
  • Living standards and poverty
  • Welfare reform and pensions

Environment and climate change policy

  • Net zero targets and climate change initiatives
  • Renewable energy projects
  • Environmental conservation and biodiversity

Health and social care policy

  • NHS funding and reforms
  • Mental health services
  • Social work and care services

Housing and communities policy

  • Affordable housing and housing shortages
  • Homelessness and social housing policies
  • Planning and regeneration

Planning and regeneration policy

  • Spatial planning and land use planning
  • Town centre regeneration and high streets
  • Placemaking and conservation

Transport and infrastructure policy

  • Public transport and active travel
  • Road and rail infrastructure improvements
  • Flood resilience and decarbonising energy


The Knowledge Exchange caters to a diverse audience.

Our member base includes:

  • Policy advisors and officers researching complex policy issues
  • Research managers and librarians in organisations creating evidence reviews and briefings
  • Consultants and bid managers in the private sector developing tenders and designing projects 
  • Council leaders, councillors, and strategy departments seeking informed decision-making tools
  • Front-line practitioners and managers in public services requiring up-to-date information
  • Universities, think-tanks, and the voluntary sector, facilitating their understanding and keeping them abreast of developments in public and social policy

Key benefits of our public policy database

SPEL journal

SPEL Journal (Scottish Planning & Environmental Law) is one of the leading information sources on land use planning and environmental legislation across the country and is written by a wide range of subject experts.

Members can subscribe separately to:

  • Stay updated with insightful commentary on current topics and issues
  • Access comprehensive information on new legislation and important court cases 
  • Gain expert insights on pivotal planning appeal decisions, government directives, and guidance
  • Stay informed about ombudsman cases through detailed notes 
  • Explore diverse perspectives with our curated selection of book reviews

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