Guiding organisations to success with Europe’s largest repository of funding and policy information.

Since 1985, we have been providing funding and policy practitioners with the resources and skills they need to strategically set themselves apart in a world rich in information.

We’ve been working with organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors for some 30 years and there is one common aim that binds us with our clients – the desire to make winning ideas and initiatives a reality.

We do that by providing our clients with up-to-the-minute funding and policy information which helps them to align their projects with the most relevant opportunities, as well as supporting them through the next stages of applying for funding and ultimately project management.

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Funding content

Our experienced content team is skilled at sourcing funding opportunities, reporting on the latest hot topics and providing accurate, comprehensive funding content which supports organisations and their beneficiaries in their quest for funding. Packaged in a portfolio of professional and hosted funding solutions, such high-quality content has secured millions of pounds over the last three decades.

Our funding information platforms – including those covering a breadth of funding opportunities for organisations in the UK and in the Netherlands, research project funding, and bespoke funding portals – are proven to maximise your funding potential.


Funding consultancy

Our grants consultancy service offers a hassle-free approach to securing funding by aligning innovative projects with available funding schemes, compiling funding submissions on your behalf, and assisting with the administrative and compliance process once funding has been obtained.

With proven success across Europe, our expert team of consultants have the knowledge to understand your project and maximise its full potential in the funding world.


Policy intelligence

Our policy remit covers an expansive range of legislation – from Bills and Reviews to Consultations and White Papers – to provide a one-stop shop of European and UK policy information. Our policy repository allows users to search across thousands of documents covering a range of subjects, providing the insight and intelligence they need to understand the ‘bigger picture’ and inform their policies and funding applications.


Intelligence services

Our intelligence arm comprises a network of specialist research and information specialists with professional and academic experience covering a wide range of public policy areas. We provide information, intelligence, analysis and research services to help organisations keep up to date with policy and best practice, and to support decision making in the public sector. Our work allows our users to achieve efficiencies, ensure effective policy and practice implementation, and drive professional development.

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We manage Europe’s most extensive repository of funding information – covering more than 14,000 funding opportunities and policy documents, accessed by 25,000 users every year

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