Long-Term Management Incentive Plan

Idox plc (AIM: IDOX) (the “Company”), a leading supplier of specialist information management solutions announces that, further to the Company’s announcement of 8 October 2012, the Company’s Remuneration Committee, which is comprised wholly of Non-Executive Directors (comprising Peter Lilley, Jeremy Millard and Wendy Hall) implemented, on 27 March 2015, the long-term management incentive plan (the “LTIP”) for a director and a senior executive of the Company. The purpose of the LTIP is to give the key employees, in a single package, a strong incentive to meet or exceed demanding performance targets in a sustainable manner, primarily by means of awards of restricted ordinary shares of 1p each in the Company (“Ordinary Shares”).
The LTIP incorporates various objective performance criteria (as to growth in consolidated EBITDA (the “EBITDA Condition”), as well as overall gearing limitations) and is designed to align the interests of Idox plc senior management more closely with those of shareholders.
Vesting of the restricted share awards within a three-year period will be contingent on the Company’s share price rising to and being sustained at 55p or higher for a period of 60 calendar days following the end of the most recent accounting period for which the EBITDA Condition is satisfied. 50 per cent. of the award of restricted shares is subject to the performance criteria and the share price target being satisfied with the balance of the award of restricted shares being at the discretion of the Company’s Remuneration Committee but subject to the performance criteria and the share price target having been satisfied.
Participants will receive no benefit unless the performance criteria and the share price target are achieved and must remain employed by the Company at the time of vesting. Formal awards and transfers of restricted shares pursuant to the awards will be effected at a later date and will be announced accordingly.

The intended recipients and levels of participation are:

Name Maximum
entitlement to
Ordinary Shares
Exercise price of
entitlement to
Ordinary Shares
Additional % of voting
rights in Company if
maximum entitlement
Richard Kellett-Clarke
(Chief Executive Officer)
1,900,00 1p 0.53%
Andrew Riley
(Managing Director of the
Company’s Public Sector
Software division)
1,700,00 1p 0.48%
* Based on the total number of Ordinary Shares with voting rights in the Company at the date of this announcement.
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About Idox plc
Idox plc is a supplier of specialist document management collaboration solutions and services to the public sector and increasingly to highly regulated asset intensive industries around the world in the wider corporate sector.
It is the leading applications provider to UK local government for core functions relating to land, people and property, such as its market leading planning systems and election management software. Over 90% of UK local authorities are now customers. The company provides public sector organisations with tools to manage information and knowledge, documents, content, business processes and workflow as well as connecting directly with the citizen via the web, and providing elections management solutions.
In the UK and internationally, it provides decision support content such as grants and planning policy information and compliance services to public bodies, NGOs and corporates.
In the oil & gas, infrastructure and utilities markets it provides engineering document control, project collaboration and facility management solutions in North America and around the world.
The Group employs over 560 staff located in the UK, the USA, Canada, Europe, India and Australia.
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Information last updated: 21 March 2018