Delivering bespoke, cost-effective solutions to support strategic and localised transport control.

Our innovative services and solutions enable complete management across all forms of transport, supporting the safe and efficient movement of people and vehicles – whatever the end goal. 

The emergence of new technologies is rapidly transforming both traffic management systems and the analysis of travel activity and transport modelling. Technological developments – coupled with growing user expectations for live information and smarter mobility – are redesigning how services are implemented and delivered across the transport sector.

We customise products to the needs of both operational transport managers and the travelling public, with a focus on facilitating easier travel and informed decision making for all.

We take complex data, insight and digital technologies to create smart solutions that build and deliver the right transport infrastructure requirements for our clients. Our reputation means we work with transport professionals across the UK and internationally, as far-reaching as Australia, revolutionising the way transport data and information is accessed and utilised.

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Network Management

Solutions designed specifically to ease congestion, improve air quality, detect and manage incidents and promote 'green wave' travel.


Fleet Management 

Services providing 90% plus on-time performance by controlling real-time services. Our solutions integrate with all modes, regardless of vendor, giving you the ability to generate accurate predictions.


Travel Assist 

Solutions delivering a complete series of real-time channels – including web, mobile and SMS – allowing citizens to access and view travel information quickly and easily. 


Idox Transport provides the tools needed for total network management across all forms of transport

In the news

Metrolinx selects Idox Transport to transform Toronto bus terminal

Idox Facts and Figures

Over one billion pieces of traffic data monitored over a four-week period worldwide

Insights Article

Free for all: fare-free public transport is going places

Idox Facts and Figures

Close to 50 million bus predictions supported across the UK in one month alone

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