Our leadership team

Idox is led by a highly experienced team with an excellent track record of delivering
robust business performance and innovation in the technology sector.

David Meaden

Chief Executive Officer

David leads Idox’s strategic direction with his loyal dog, Nelson, by his side.

David Meaden brings more than 30 years of experience in the software and technology sector to his role as Idox’s Chief Executive Officer. Having joined Idox in 2018 following a successful 22-year career at Northgate Information Solutions, his strong track record and deep knowledge of the UK public sector make him a formidable leader. But what truly sets him apart is his ability to translate that experience into driving growth for Idox, with a clear vision for the future.

As CEO, David is the one steering the ship, charting the course for growth, navigating strategic direction, overseeing acquisitions and business transformation – all while keeping a watchful eye on staff wellbeing.

Away from his leadership role in the corporate world, you’ll find David leading his beloved dog, Nelson, on long walks in the countryside. You might also find him at the stables where he dabbles in the world of racehorse breeding – though with a chuckle he admits his equine ventures aren’t rolling in the big bucks, yet!

Anoop Kang

Chief Financial Officer

Blending financial expertise, strategic leadership, and countryside adventures.

Anoop Kang brings over 26 years of financial expertise to his role as CFO at Idox. Before joining Idox in 2022, he held senior positions at high-profile organisations including Deloitte LLP, Balfour Beatty plc, Kier Group plc, and Cambian Group plc.

As Idox’s CFO, Anoop is the mastermind behind the company’s financial strategy, leading the finance function while serving as an Executive Director and a key member of the plc board.

With a diverse background spanning technology, infrastructure, construction, healthcare, and logistics sectors, Anoop brings a wealth of expertise to the table. From working capital management to IFRS compliance, from corporate finance to investor relations, Anoop’s skill set is as vast as it is impressive. As a skilled CFO, he’s driven by a relentless commitment to excellence, leveraging his knowledge and experience to steer Idox towards financial success.

Away from Idox, Anoop loves to explore the Warwickshire countryside with his family on foot and bike as well as taking in regular visits to theatre, music and comedy events.

Jonathan Legdon

Chief Operating Officer

Driving operational excellence and growth, while finding tranquillity on the banks of the River Trent.

Jonathan Legdon boasts a successful 30+ year career in the software and technology industry that’s as impressive as his golf swing (though some might argue about the latter). With a career built on strong customer connections and a talent for driving growth, this proud Yorkshireman brings a refreshing attitude of determination to the table, along with a proven track record of success.

Before joining Idox in 2019, he led NGA UK & Ireland through a successful acquisition by Bain Capital, showcasing his strategic vision and leadership skills. Now, as COO, he’s the mastermind behind Idox’s operational excellence. Product development, sales, marketing, customer success – it all falls under his watch, ensuring everything aligns perfectly with the company’s ambitious plans.

When he’s not leading the charge at Idox, you might find Jonathan on the picturesque banks of the River Trent casting a line for a lucky catch of the elusive barbel fish, or bluffing his way to victory in a poker game (though with three kids, free time is a precious commodity!).

Ruth Paterson

Chief Legal and Corporate Officer

Inspirational leader, legal expert, explorer, and champion for all.

Ruth Paterson brings a wealth of experience and a strategic mind to her role as Chief Legal and Corporate Officer at Idox. With over 14 years as a qualified solicitor, she excels in navigating the complexities of legal and compliance issues within the dynamic tech sector. Ruth has an MA Hons Law from Cambridge University and is a qualified to practice law in the jurisdictions of Northern Ireland, Scotland and England and Wales, and is a Notary Public. Her broad expertise spans mergers and acquisitions, strategic negotiations, intellectual property, and more, making her a valuable asset in today’s ever-evolving technological landscape.

Beyond legal expertise, Ruth brings strong leadership qualities to the table. Joining Idox in 2015 as General Counsel, she now oversees not just the legal team, but also HR, communications, central services and our supply chain – she’s the glue that holds things together, ensuring exceptional outcomes for everyone involved.

Ruth is also committed to fostering a positive and inclusive company culture. She’s a champion for creating equal opportunities for everyone, a value she fiercely upholds both professionally and personally.

Outside of work, Ruth spends time with her extended family, travels as often as she can and strongly advocates for financial education for all (but especially women).  

Steven Bruce

Divisional Director (Assets)

Behind the leadership and expertise is a man who values customer focus, is passionate about product, and enjoys a snowy escape!

Steven Bruce leads Idox’s Assets division, drawing upon his experience gained throughout his tenure with the company since 2006. During his time at Idox, Steven has held various leadership positions across Idox, tackling challenges across product development, customer support, and various business units. This comprehensive background allows him to understand and address the needs of both public and private sector clients.

Steven is passionate about customer engagement (and escaping to the mountains for some snowboarding – more on that later). He believes software solutions should deliver tangible value and is dedicated to leveraging Idox’s market expertise to create products that truly make a difference. 

Steven’s career at Idox began as a Senior Developer on local government projects. His leadership potential was quickly recognised, leading him to increasingly responsible roles in development management. A natural progression saw him rise through the ranks to Divisional Director of the Assets division, where his dedication to innovation and user experience truly flourishes.

When he’s not conquering the corporate world, you might find Steven conquering literal mountains. As well as being a dedicated family man, this exercise enthusiast (football, running, weightlifting – you name it!) also manages to find time to spend at his happy place – snowboarding amongst the peaks.

Chris Evans

Divisional Director (Community Solutions)

Committed to social value, Chris is a passionate advocate for positive change, a traveller with a thirst for adventure, and maybe even a secret thespian!

Chris Evans, leader of Idox’s Community Solutions division, brings a unique blend of public sector expertise to the table. With over 20 years of experience, Chris is an influential leader when it comes to public sector IT and process transformation.

Chris’s goals and passions lie in streamlining systems, digitising processes, and making life easier for every stakeholder involved. His extensive career has seen him collaborate with the public sector on numerous projects, from the commercial side to the technical delivery.

Chris is passionate about using technology to empower people, and his background proves it. Before joining Idox, he led a national group working with University College London to develop groundbreaking algorithms for calculating personal budgets for children and adults, aligning with the Government’s personalisation agenda. Chris was a key contributor to the development of budgets for children and young people with special educational needs as part of the 2014 SEND reforms.

And that passion extends beyond his work. A proud Welshman (Welsh is actually his first language!), Chris loves to travel the world, experiencing different cultures (though we suspect there’s always a warm spot in his heart for Wales!). Chris also has a passion for the arts, stemming from his BA in Acting and Theatre. He’s also a trustee for The Eddystone Trust, a sexual heath charity based in the South West.

Scott Goodwin

Divisional Director (Land Property and Public Protection)

Scott’s leadership is a blend of expertise, a passion for problem-solving, and a love for a good DIY project.

Scott Goodwin leads Idox’s largest division, Land Property and Public Protection, drawing upon his extensive experience gained throughout his impressive career with the company of over 23 years. Since joining Idox fresh out of university in 2001, Scott has worn many hats taking on various technical and commercial roles, fostering a deep understanding of the company’s operations.

This comprehensive background, particularly his focus on the public sector for over two decades, allows him to expertly address the needs of our local authority customers. And as Divisional Director of Land, Property and Public Protection, Scott does just that – overseeing sales, product and customer support relating to Regulatory Services, Address Data Solutions and Exegesis.

Scott is an experienced commercial leader with a well-earned reputation as a public sector expert. As a computing graduate, Scott understands the crucial need for technical compliance and detail, but he believes we should not try to bewilder our customers with technical jargon, instead ensuring that all stakeholders can be equally engaged when working with Idox.

Beyond the boardroom, you might find Scott swapping strategy for screwdrivers. Scott enjoys spending time with his family and indulging in his hobbies, including DIY projects around his historic cottage and fishing the beautiful Kennet and Lambourn chalk streams.

Rick Hassard

Director of Engineering

Passionate innovator and team leader – delivering transformative solutions with a side of football and a glass of fine wine.

Rick Hassard brings his passion for technology and building high-performing teams to his role as Director of Engineering at Idox, where he is responsible for the continued innovation and development of all solutions across Idox’s portfolio. He joined the company in 2019 as part of the Tascomi acquisition and has since been the catalyst for the company’s cloud migration journey, leading a transformative approach to technology choices and engineering methodologies across the entire group.

With over 19 years of experience in developing software for local government and the private sector, Rick understands the needs of Idox’s customer base. His passion is developing solutions that meet the needs and aspirations of our users whilst offering sustainability and longevity.

Rick’s expertise isn’t just confined to Idox; he played a pivotal role in shaping Tascomi from a humble startup into a thriving business with over 40 employees, securing coveted cloud software contracts with local governments throughout the UK and Ireland.

But beyond his professional achievements lies a man with a love for life’s simple pleasures – whether it’s enjoying a fine wine and a good book, walking in the mountains, coaching players on the football field, or cherishing precious moments with his family as a proud dad.

Andy Jones

Sales Director

Driving Idox’s sales growth with a blend of public sector passion, team motivation, and sporting competition.

Andy Jones brings over 30 years of leadership experience to his role as Idox’s Sales Director. He joined in 2019 and leads the sales and business development function, ensuring Idox has a deep understanding of customer needs and a skilled sales team to cultivate strong client relationships.

Andy has held senior positions at prominent companies like Capita, Northgate Public Services, Capgemini, and Oracle. But his passion lies in the public sector. He’s spent years understanding the unique challenges government agencies face, and has contributed to shaping innovative market propositions, including new technology delivery models for UK central government. Andy’s vast knowledge and experience fuel his drive to deliver lasting results to our customers through transformative solutions that add value to their businesses.

As well as his track record of building strong, long-lasting customer relationships, what really motivates Andy is seeing his team achieve their goals within a collaborative, fun, and inclusive environment where everyone can flourish.

While his three (now grown-up) children keep him grounded, he still finds time for a healthy dose of competition – albeit from the sidelines these days. Rugby and football are his spectator sports of choice, though you might also find him conquering local trails with his trusty canine companion.

Thérèse Laing

Head of Legal

Leading Idox’s legal efforts with workplace harmony and a splash of creativity.

Thérèse Laing is the Head of Legal for the Idox Group. In her role, she provides legal counsel to the board and key stakeholders across the business. Aside from corporate and company secretary duties, she leads a legal team that advises on commercial transactions, data protection, intellectual property and dispute management.

Before her journey with Idox, Thérèse honed her legal expertise in private practice at Addleshaw Goddard LLP, armed with an LLB (Hons) degree in Law and a Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the University of Strathclyde. Joining Idox in 2019 as Legal Counsel, Thérèse became an integral part of Idox and built up the legal team as Managing Legal Counsel in 2020. But beyond her legal skills lies a proud Scot who enjoys island hopping with her husband and daughter!

Thérèse isn’t just about legal matters; she’s also a champion of employee wellbeing and inclusivity. As a facilitator of Idox Voice, she actively fosters a supportive and diverse community within the company, ensuring everyone’s voices are heard and valued.

When she’s not busy with legal complexities or nurturing workplace harmony, you’ll find Thérèse indulging in her passions – whether it’s painting, diving into a good book, paddleboarding, or whipping up delightful treats in the kitchen.

Kailash Maisekar

Head of Operations

Leading Idox’s India operations with an adventurous spirit.

As the head of Idox’s India operations, Kailash is the mastermind behind strategic planning and execution across IT, Engineering, GIS, PMO and business support services, with a specific focus on building global competency and shared services. Dedicated to driving operational excellence, much of his career has focused on building scalable teams in India to deliver services to customers globally.

When he joined Idox Kailash played a pivotal role in establishing Idox’s presence in India by leading the integration of Idox’s strategic acquisition of CTS Technologies. Now, as part of the executive leadership team, he collaborates seamlessly with stakeholders across the business, ensuring operational efficiency, managing budgets, people management, local regulatory compliances and fostering a spirit of collaboration.

A notable milestone in Kailash’s Idox journey has been the elevation of India to the Executive leadership team, providing an opportunity to understand the organisational goals and build an effective means of communication and collaboration to achieve results faster. He is passionate about building scalable teams, robust processes, and a governance mechanism to ‘do more, with less’, contributing significantly to Idox’s growth and strategy.

Kailash’s love for adventure is well-known. Away from his desk, you might find him hiking in the nearby Western Ghats and Sahyadri Ranges. He’s a loyal family man and enjoys unwinding with some great music or watching cricket.

Tim Stringer

Director of Information and Security

Safeguarding data, sparking innovation, and fostering collaboration at Idox – with a touch of adventure!

Tim Stringer brings over 20 years of expertise in information security, cybersecurity, infrastructure management and data centre operations to his role as Director of Information and Security at Idox. He joined the company in 2024, leveraging his extensive experience gained from leadership roles with Convergence Group and Service Express, where he served as Chief Information Security Officer.

Tim is passionate about spearheading technology, information security and cyber within Idox, but he’s far more than a security expert, he’s a visionary dedicated to driving sustainable growth and managing infrastructure to deliver real value.

But Tim’s story isn’t just about data and defences – it’s about people and perspectives. Eager to connect with others and leverage diverse ideas for improved business outcomes, Tim thrives on the exchange of thoughts and experiences, enriching both his professional endeavours and personal growth.

From optimising solution offerings to revolutionising managed service delivery, he’s seen how innovation can enhance industry standards and create new opportunities for growth and success. Away from the office, he loves going to the gym, cycling and enjoys adventures with his family whilst visiting new places, being outdoors and relaxing when the day’s done!

Stuart Terheege

Director of Customer Success

Championing customer success at Idox.

Stuart Terheege leads Idox’s customer success initiatives. He joined the company in 2019 and leads a team of over 300 support and professional services colleagues across the UK and internationally.

Stuart’s passion lies in ensuring excellence in customer experience. He spearheaded the creation of a dedicated customer success group, uniting support and professional services to give clients a seamless journey, from onboarding to ongoing success.

Before joining Idox, Stuart held leadership roles in consultancy, product development, general management. He played a key part in developing new pricing and revenue models for the UK government, making things smoother for everyone from drivers applying for HGV licenses to those requesting Blue Badges. Stuart’s history with Idox’s CEO, David Meaden, goes way back, so when the opportunity came to join a team he knew and believed in – he jumped at the chance.

When he’s not championing customer success at Idox, Stuart trades his leadership hat for a referee cap, officiating as an RFU and World Rugby Match official.