Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Strengthening sexual health data collection processes and enhancing patient care

With the increase in reporting requirements for commissioning purposes, Lilie has been the right choice for our services. Not only can we gather the data required and submit our reports and KPIs electronically, it has also reduced time spent on compiling reports. We know who visited us, at which site and that helps us to deliver a safer service to our patients.

Annette Marchment
Admin and Systems Manager,
Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


Ensuring data integrity and consistency across the region

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals
NHS Foundation Trust delivers sexual health services to patients of all ages, providing testing and treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), including HIV, in line with national guidelines. Since a merger with the Community Health Services of the former NHS Blackpool and NHS North Lancashire in April 2012, the Trust’s services now span areas of Lancashire and South Cumbria with 76 clinic and outreach locations, supporting approximately 300,000 patients annually. The Trust’s scope mandated a need for consolidated systems that would allow data collection consistency and accuracy – essential for reporting. This is especially important given the Trust’s requirement to submit statutory reports to Public Health England (PHE) to monitor key policy initiatives.

As Lilie – Idox’s flexible and reliable Electronic Patient Record (EPR) for Genitourinary Medicine (GUM) patients – had already been working successfully for individual clinics for 18 years, the Trust wanted the product to scale further to facilitate the merger of its numerous Lilie databases, ensuring data integrity, easier reporting and a more streamlined, cost efficient service.


A powerful and flexible digital service from Idox

The Idox team led the consolidation of a number of Lilie databases across the region. As a flexible and reliable EPR, the system captures consultation data, diagnoses and treatments for GUM patients. Lilie allows the Trust’s multidisciplinary teams to streamline their service, granting timely access to patient records, while minimising the burden of data collection on frontline staff by reducing time and resource-intensive administrative tasks. All audit and quality measures are incorporated automatically, reducing clinical risk and improving the quality of the Trust’s sexual health service.

Transitioning to a consolidated system has made reporting far more flexible, ensuring confidence in the integrity of the data, particularly important given the statutory reporting responsibilities sexual health service providers work towards. The Trust can customise its own reports that align with internal KPIs and track trends over time, such as the uptake of long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARC) and the number of HIV tests offered.


A consolidated, comprehensive system that meets the data needs of commissioners

Benefitting from Lilie for the past 18 years, the Trust’s consolidated system has become even more instrumental in helping clinicians ensure data integrity, undertake complex reporting and deliver a higher-quality service to its patients.

With one central system, the Trust has been able to meet statutory requirements far easier and perform consistent data collection – fundamental to producing the rich dataset needed for greater insight into patient safety, trends and long-term strategic planning. Idox has enabled system sharing across a large geographic area, without compromising patient confidentiality with results originating from each clinic remaining ring-fenced.

The Trust is achieving further benefits with Lilie’s specialist modules:

  • Lilie Contraceptive and Reproductive Health – producing Sexual Reproductive Health Activity Dataset (SRHAD)
  • Chlamydia Screening – satisfying all National Chlamydia Screening Programme data
  • SMS Text Module – notify patients of negative tests results in a timely manner
  • Order Communications – accelerating consultations and reducing transcription errors
  • Lab Link – reducing the administration burden

Lilie is the market-leading sexual health software, at the forefront of innovation and the software of choice by the clinic team since 2000. Over the years, with constant evaluation, innovation and development, the solution has been shaped to meet the needs of sexual health services across the Trust, supporting them to deliver quality care.

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